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~Welcome to the Universe~

Last link added on December 19 2001 at 7:24 P.M. CST
Nintendo Power Source
The official website of Nintendo.
IGN Nintendo Webpages.
The Mushroom Kingdom
This is probaly the best Mario site on the web, also my favorite Mario Site.
Super Mario Bros. Headquarters
This is one of the best Mario sites out there, with a lot of information.
The Zelda Headquarters
Probably the best site on the internet for the all of the Zelda games.
The Cutest Little Yoshi Page On The Web.
A page dedicated to Yoshi, with lots of Yoshi Pics, not alot of information though.
The Unofficial World of Nintendo
A great Nintendo site with good information
Lots of codes and information, a must see for most people.
BOTVGH Archive Season 4
A funny comedy site with Nintendo characters
The official Pokemon Webpage
Nintendo's official Pokemon webpage, lots of Pokemon stuff
Lots of information on Pokemon.
The new XKP Pokemon Page
Probably the best Pokemon site on the web, with a lot about anything on Pokemon.
Nintendo 64 Codes and Cheats
Good codes, great site. If your looking for good codes, go here.
Super Nintendo 64 Codes
Great code page. If you need some more codes, visit this site.
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