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~Welcome to the Universe~

Chaz's Corner

~~This year's(heh heh) theme is Goldeneye~~

Goldeneye is in my top 10 game of all time under Mario, Zelda, Pong, and the other classics. In Nintendo Power, Goldeneye held in the top 3 games for over 33 months straight. Here, there will soon be some funny jokes about Nintendo games. Some other sections will be an opinion poll, opinions, and cool Nintendo website of the month. My friend makes the jokes, but we both do everything else. The jokes he makes have always been hilarious, so visit the section whenever it's updated. When he makes a joke, it will come up here.


This page was last updated on December 19, 2001 at 7:17 P.M. CST

12/19/01 New design added.
1/30/00 AHH!!! I MAJORLY updated yesterday but it didn't come up?!?! Crap... I'll update soon.
9/23/99 Sorry for lack of Anyway, more Goldeneye stuff is up, and Chaz's Corner will now be themed bi-monthly.
Chansey has won the poll. You can still vote, but it won't count toward the final vote. Anyway, new theme, new page. If you want to see last months themed Chaz's Corner, Click Here!
8/19/99 A few more Chansey pictures up to see if that will help the poll any.

8/8/99 The new poll is up. Please take a minute to respond.

7/21/99 I completely got the page up, and have a few jokes ready.

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