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~Welcome to the Universe~

Pokemon Codes and Game Shark codes

Here are my Pokemon Game Shark codes.

Infinite HP in battle               01FF16D0
Infinite money                      019947D3
No random battles
(like in grass or the powerplant)   01033CD1
Infinite PP (1st position)          01FF88D1
99 masterballs in 9th position
on item list                        01012FD3
or in 9th position, 99 Hyper Potions01122FD3
or in 9th position, 99 rare candies 01282FD3
1st Pokčmon In Battle Codes 
Infinite PP (1st Position) 01282DD0  
Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01282ED0 
Infinite PP (3rd Position) 01282FD0
Infinite PP (4th Position) 012830D0 
 1st Pokčmon Out Of Battle Codes 
Infinite PP (1st Position) 01FF88D1 
Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01FF89D1 
infinite PP (3rd Position) 01FF8AD1 
Infinite PP (4th Position) 01FF8BD1 
Level Modifier 01??8CD1 -99 for the ?? usually raises your pkmn to level 153
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 01??8ED1- put whatever number in for all the modifiers after here and before Item Codes
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 01??8DD1 
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 01??90D1
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 01??8FD1 
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 01??92D1 
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 01??91D1 
Max Speed Modifier (Smaller) 01??94D1 
Max Speed Modifier (Larger) 01??93D1 
Max Special Modifier (Smaller) 01??96D1 
Max Special Modifier (Larger) 01??95D1 
Item Codes 
Item Modifier 1st Position 01??1ED3 
Infinite Quantity 1st Position 01631FD3 
Item Modifier 2nd Position 01??20D3 
Infinite Quantity 2nd Position 016321D3 
Item Modifier 3rd Position 01??22D3
Infinite Quantity 3rd Position 016323D3 
Item Modifier 4th Position 01??24D3
Infinite Quantity 4th Position 016325D3 
Item Modifier 5th Position 01??26D3 
Infinite Quantity 5th Position 016327D3
Item Modifier 6th Position 01??28D3
Infinite Quantity 6th Position 016329D3 
Item Modifier 7th Position 01??2AD3 
Infinite Quantity 7th Position 01632BD3 
Item Modifier 8th Position 01??2CD3
Infinite Quantity 8th Position 01632DD3 
Item Modifier 9th Position 01??2ED3 
Infinite Quantity 9th Position 01632FD3 
Item Modifier 10th Position 01??30D3 
Infinite Quantity 10th Position 016331D3
Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes 
01 - Master Ball
02 - Ultra Ball
03 - Great Ball
04 - Pokč Ball
05 - Town Map
06 - Vicycle
07 - Surf Without Pokčmon
08 - Safari Ball
09 - Pokč-Dex
0A - Moon Stone
0B - Antidote
0C - Burn Heal
0D - Ice Heal
0E - Awakening
0F - Parlyz Heal
10 - Full Restore
11 - Max Potion
12 - Hyper Potion
13 - Super Potion
14 - Potion
15 - Boulder Badge
16 - Cacade Badge
17 - Thunder Badge
18 - Rainbow Badge
19 - Soul Badge
1A - Marsh Badge
1B - Volcano Badge
1C - Earth Badge
1D - Escape Rope
1E - Repel
1F - Old Amber
20 - Fire Stone
21 - Thunder Stone
22 - Water Stone
23 - HP Up
24 - Protein
25 - Iron
26 - Carbos
27 - Calcium
28 - Rare Candy
29 - Dome Fossil
2A - Helix Fossil
2B - Secret Key
2C - ?????
2D - Bike Voucher
2E - X Accuracy
2F - Leaf Stone
30 - Card Key
31 - Nugget
32 - PP Up
33 - Pokč Doll
34 - Full Heal
35 - Revive
36 - Max Revive
37 - Grand Special
38 - Super Repel
39 - Max Repel
3A - Dire Hit
3B - Coin
3C - Fresh Water
3D - Soda Pop
3E - Lemonade
3F - S.S. Ticket
40 - Gold Teeth
41 - X Attack
42 - X Defend
43 - X Speed
44 - X Special
45 - Coin Case
46 - Oak's Parcel
47 - Item Finder
48 - Silph Scope
49 - Pokč Flute
4A - Lift Key
4B - Exp. All
4C - Old Rod
4D - Good Rod
4E - Super Rod
4F - PP Up
50 - Ether
51 - Max Ether
52 - Elixer
53 - Max Elixer

Master Ball Cheat 
When you throw a greatball hold up and b it will act as a master ball 
Or it might be down and b and you can also use down a A when the pokeball is just about to close 

Free Coins At Game Corner 
Walk around the game corner pressing a facing south behind the people at the slots and you will find coins. 

Ghost PC 
Go to Celadon City and make your way to the motel. go to the far right wall and make ash look north and he be in the middle square. There you will find a ghost computer.

Catch Safari Zone Pokemon out of the Safari Zone 
go into the safari zone. walk around in a patch of grass ware the pokemon you want is. Waste your time in that patch of grass. When the time runs out go to Fuschia City and surf to the edge of the Seafoam Islands without being seen by any trainers. Then, surf up and down the side half on land and half in water. Oventualy, you will find the pokémon that you want. 

Fish in a Gym 
When you enter a Water PKMN gym go up to the edge and use a rod to fish with. Usually you get good water Pokemon. 

First, you have to go trade with the guy on Cinnabar is. that wants aponyta for a seel. as soon as you get it go to the coast of the is. usea pokemon that has surf and surf up and down the coast half on half off the is. you will run into Missinggo the 152 pokemon!He's actually #000 but his attack is about 230 but his defense is only 13 so use a weak pokemon. you can fight him more than once though.  THIS MIGHT MESS UP YOUR GAME SO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
Items found with the Itemfinder 
Here are some really good items that I have found using the Itemfinder! 
*Full Restore in Victory Restore in Victory Road near the exit 
*PP Up on Route 17 on right side of cycling road 
*PP Up on Route 13 
*Max Ether on the small island while your are traveling to Victory Road 
*Nugget in Route 7 underground path 
*Full Restore, and X Special in route 5 underground path 
*Ether in Unknown Dungeon on first floor 
*Rare Candy in Cerulean City in the backyard of the house in the top left corner nearest to the Unknown Dungeon 
*Great Ball in trash can in the kitchen of  the S.S. Anne 
99 of any item 
First fly to Viridian City and talk to the old guy who shows you how to catch a weedle. When he asks are you in a hurry respond no, then watch him catch a weedle. After he shows you how, take the item you want 99 of and make it the 6th item on your list. Now fly to Fushia City. Use surf and surf to the coast of Seafoam. DO NOT GET OFF. Now surf on the coast of seafoam until u fight a pokemon called M'. that looks like a Missigno. Now after you defeat him or run (DO NOT CAPTURE) look at your 6th item. You should have 99

999,999 money code 
It is called the item warper. First go to Cinnabar Island. go inside the pokemon lab, and trade with one of the guys there. Then move a nugget or expensive TM near the top of you item list. Then surf up and down the right side of the island, where it looks like you are half on land and half on the water and hold down "a". In a couple seconds you will run into missingno. There are a lot of him so don't worry if you kill him. he has really high attack but defense sucks ass. Catch at least one of him. Then look at your items. There will be a little symbol in front of a nine where the number is for that one item. Then go to the pokemart. Go to sell. Sell that item with the symbol, but press down when he asks you how many you want to sell. You have thousands of bucks. I don’t know if this code works.

OK, you can get a Mew without a GG, GS, or winning the NP contest. This could erase your
saved files BUT USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!The first thing you have to do is go to
Viridian City and talk to the guy who tells you how to catch a Weedle. Reply "no"
and watch him catch a Weedle. Once your out of the pokemon catching lesson, switch an
item you want 99 of to the 6th position from the top. Then, FLY to Cinnabar Island
and surf on the east coast, have on water, and half off. There, you can find
MEWS!(but only about 1 in 400 pokemon are Mews, making them VERY rare) You can
also find level 100 or 100+ Pokémon, MISSINGNO. (They MIGHT erase your game if
you catch them SO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)and you can also fight BLAINE, the gym
leader again. Some of these Pokémon only appear in certain versions, and i'm the only one
Pokémon versions. If you fight a MISSINGNO., if you kill him or run away,
you should have 99 or more of the item you chose. On your item screen, it will
probaly have a symbol and then a number, but its not a glitch because of the
code. If you have more than 99 of an item, it will have a different symbol for
every 10 over 99.