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The History of Wario

History Of Wario

My sources on this history of Wario is from the manuals Nintendo wrote for the games, Wario Games, Nintendo Power Magizane, Rumors, and my own mind trying to fill some gaps. As a child, Wario was friends with Mario. The two children would play together like any kids. Pulling beets in the garden (Where Wario always some how always pulled up a Pirana Plant instead), flatten gold coins by using thawmps (where Wario always seems to get Thawmped instead of the coin), and worse of all to Wario: Playing Cowboys and Indians. He always got stuck being the indian and having to lose to Mario who was the cowboy (it's the rules of the game).

Years later after Mario had already started his Super Heroing and when he was saving the Princess Daisy from a group of aliens, Wario went and took over Mario's Castle (why Mario had a castle and where Wario was all this time is still unknown). Wario had sealed the castle with the power of six special golden coins and spread them through out the island that this castle was on. Of course, Mario got those coins and kicked our friend Wario out of Mario's reclaimed castle.

Wario, pissed off that his plan to take over Mario's castle failed, decided that he didn't need Mario's pathetic excuse for a castle and that he could get a place much better by stealing a statue of Princess Peach that the Kitchen Pirates stole and then he would be able to hold it for ransom. Well, his plan almost worked. He beat the Kitchen Pirates and just when he got his first sight of this huge golden statue of Peach, Mario flew over in his Bi-Plane, grabed the statue, and flew off with it (makes ya wonder who the real bad guy of this series is, doesn't it?). Luckly, while on his quest for the statue, he picked up a bunch of gold coins, and a few treasures, and a genie lamp. He rubed the lamp, gave the big magical genie his money and treasures, and he got himself a castle (or if you where really good a planet with his face on it, but we'll say he got a castle. Goes better with the series...). Of course Wario's greed didn't stop there.

After this happened, Wario went exploring around his new home and discovered a very strange warp pipe. Not knowing where it went, he jumped in and landed in the middle of a BomberMan city (yes, Hudson's BomberMan). Seeing how wimpy looking the BomberMen looked, he thought it would be no problem taking over their island single handed. Alas, looks can lie and that here was the case. Wario was blown kicked off the island by a bunch of BomberMen, even though they had a hard time getting rid of him.

With that plan destroyed, like the one before, and the one before that, Wario took a little break and decided just to kick back and enjoy life by getting a sea-plane he named BullDog, and to fly around. As he was taking a break in front of a waterfall, he noticed some strange creatures carrying treasure chests into the waterfall. Wario, being the kind of guy he is, went behind the creatures and right when he was about to jump them he noticed the huge treasure room where they kept all their treasure. Just about when Wario was about to break into the vault and get his hands on their stash the floor crumbled below him and he fell to the bottom of the cave. Determined to get all that money, Wario rushed off to find the treasures that unlocked the vault door and to get out of that place. (The ending of this story shall be along shorty but to get us along for now he gets out of here and back to his castle).

Since then, Wario was quiet for a while until he heard that the Mushroom Kingdom was going to have Go-Kart races and tourneys soon. Over-joyed with the thought of being able to show off in front of Mario, he filled the requirements that the race called for by building his own stadium and getting his own go-kart (Most of us think that he stole it from a certain Koopa Troop clan member).

For now, this is where Wario is at in his life. Racing a stolen (most likey stolen anyways) go-kart against two italain brothers, a peach who's a princess, her servant, a yoshi, a big ape, and the leader of the most feared clan in the Mushroom Kingdom. What does the future hold for Wario? Not sure, but I'm sure it'll be great and I can't wait for his next appearence and game.

Games Wario has been in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

Wario's Woods

Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!

Wario Land for Virtual Boy

Pilot Wings 64

Mario Kart 64

Wario Land 2

Facts Here's a little fact about Wario that I found out not too long ago: The name Wario isn't just derived from the name Mario with the "M" upside down. In Japanese, "Waru" actally translates to "evil". So, Wario's name is actally a pun on the word "Waru". It just so happens that the pun also fits the upside-down "M" idea.

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