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~Welcome to the Universe~


I am still accepting fan fiction, so if you have any, please send it in. If you have any comments or suggestions or questions, please mail them to
Once the code system is up, other pages like Chaz's Corner, the Pokémon Page, and new pages will be made. I'm having a lot of trouble getting time to update with codes, and it takes a lot of time. If anyone would like to submit codes, mail them to me. You will be given credit by having your name put up (if it's a new code).
Please take time to try the trivia, it's still going. Guess what? Someone actually took the time to answer, so I decided to do a quick update.(even though it's 2 years old...)

This page was last updated on May 10th, 2003 at 11:29 A.M. CST.

5/9/03 Updated the Fan Fiction page with two new submissions from Shawn W. C. Check it out.

5/3/03 Updated the N64 Game List, the GameCube Game List, the SNES Game List, and the Fan Fiction Page with a new story. Enjoy.

5/3/03 Updated the Site Diary to free up some room on the main page.

4/2/03 Whether you're for or against war, I hope everyone hopes that people serving to protect YOU will come home safe. In saying that, Support Our Troops.

1/29/03 Updated the GameCube Game List. Joy :-p

10/30/02 Maybe I'll get around to putting up something unique soon. I don't know. The eagerness to update this page just comes into my mind once every, oh, 8 months or so. But I'm still here! Anyway...Happy Halloween tomorrow. Added the 2nd place winner to the Trivia page. Also added two games (Captain Novolin and Packy and Marlon, two games used to help kids with diabeties) to the SNES Game List page. A few games were added to the GameCube Game List page as well.

2/13/02 Updated the NES Game List page, the Trivia page with a winner, and finally made a Contributions page. 12/21/01 Updated the NES Game List page.

Want to see old updates? Site Diary

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