Trivia for 8/99 on Nintendo
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This is the trivia for August 99. The subject is general Nintendo


Q1: Who is Donkey Kong's grandfather?

Q2: How many versions of Pokémon are there for Game Boy?

Q3: How many games were launched at the same time as the N64?
B3: (BONUS) What were the games?

Q4: In what year did the Nintendo company start?
B4: (BONUS) What did they make?

Q5: What is the codename of Nintendo's new system?

Q6: What is the processing speed of Nintendo's new system?

Q7: What is the codename of Nintendo's new system processer?

Q8: Are ALL of the following games coming out/in planning?? Donkey Kong 64, Kirby 64, and Pokémon 64, and Earthbound 64?

Q9: What's Luigi from Mario's first and last name?

Q10: To today's kids, is Mickey Mouse or Mario more recognizeable?

B1: Which Pokémon is my least favorite (just guess)

B2: What did the Tommy Hilfiger company team up with Nintendo to make?
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1st place:Dragonjapan00. Score: 9/10

2nd place: Joshua Windholz. Score: 7/10

3rd place:

4th place:

5th place:

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