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Metroid: a Space Pirates point of view #2
The files
By: Shawn W C

I awoke in the main room with the brain. I looked around. The firing was still going on. Then all came to a stop. We won, there where dead enemy everywhere. My advisor walked up to me sadly.

“Sir come with me.” he whispered.

We walked into the hall where the other assault force had entered. There were so many casualties.

“They didn’t make it to the main room sir. They were not as lucky as us,” he said. I was in complete shock. How could we make it with practically no casualties when the other force didn’t make it at all? It didn’t matter now. Those sacrifices would not be in vain. I will proceed, and when I succeed in my objectives I will tell the commander.

“Begin the repairs.” I ordered

I went inside the old commander’s office - Samus Aran killed him along with every one else in this ship. The old commander had a lot of files. Then I saw this big closet labeled “research.” I wondered what was in there, I figured now’s my chance to find out. I looked inside I found and read a bunch of files. They were files on how to make monsters that you would only see in fairy tales. Then, at the bottom of the closet, was a cylinder capsule. Inside was with a frozen jellyfish-like creature with pointy teeth. On the label it said, “Metroid.”

I backed away from the closet. I had heard tales about Metroids. They were said to suck the skin off of you. So this was the weapon that was to be sent against Samus Aran. I am guessing this one wouldn’t stop him. I did some more research. Apparently you could enlarge Metroids to any size. I thought for a second that if we could make this Metroid into a giant, then it might be able to get rid of Samus Aran. Then we could attack the Chozo survivors and take their remaining technology. “Sir, repairs on the ship are complete and the brain is revived.” Some one busted in and said.

“Yes, thank you.” I replied

I picked up the phone and told the commander about our success - the ship was ready for people. He sent nearly half of the civilians on his ship to ours. Now we replenished life in this ship and renamed it the S.S. Pirate. I received new orders a few days after the completion of the ship repairs.

“Here are your new orders and status group leader. First of all, you’re a commander now, that ship your on is yours and its now considered a space colony (because it has civilians living in it). I am making you head of the operation to take out the Chozo and take their technology. I know this is sudden but I have been ordered to turn over command to you. Good luck and good bye.”

I was in shock, but this was going to work to my advantage. I had a plan but would it work? …

Look for the next episode it will be action packed!