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Metroid: Space Pirates point of view #1
Ruins of a Pirate Ship
By: Shawn W C

And so we left for the ship that holds the giant brain. There is nothing like going to war to make every one happy. We sang as we sailed for the captured pirate ship. Most species hate war, but we encourage it. As we went, I began wondering if we should really revive the brain. We did lose last time we where under the brain’s command … and he wasn’t much of a leader but the brain did invent our technology. I kept wondering this as we approached our destination. Suddenly I heard this loud click.

"All ships are docked on the pirate ship ruins, all men are ready and waiting for your command.” One of my most trusted soldiers said.

I ordered the attack. One army was going in one entrance and the army I led going in the other. We were to meet up in the main room in the middle of the ship. We started in lasers firing everywhere, screaming, into a close encounter with the enemy. They must have been waiting for us but we pushed forward. Suddenly, a Chozo warrior jumped out right in front of me. Before I could react, he swung his laser rifle hitting me in the right temple and everything around me turned dark …

Look for the next episode soon …

Fan Fiction