This is the first installment by Shawn W. C.


Intro By: Shawn W. C.

AAAAAAAAAAAAh, space - the big black thing we Space Pirates call it. A while back we attacked the race of the Chozos for their technology. The attack was going well for a while then they unleashed their secret weapon. They called it Samus Aran. It was an unknown to us, was infused with Chozo blood, and a trained killing machine. What where we to do? It destroyed the giant brain. This is where I am now. I am now sitting looking out the window of our ship. My name is Multifire and I don’t know what to do about the war except follow orders and not die.

“Sir, the commander has orders for you to report to the main office,” a soldier told me while I was standing by the window.

“OK!” I replied with enthusiasm.” I went to the office door. Behind it stood the commander. In the office I saw worried soldiers and group leaders as I stood by the door. I knew then these won’t be easy orders. I was in charged of a small group of people. I was a group leader. Group leaders were to lead their men into victory no matter what. I am not going to show fear of the orders that were about to be given. I stepped inside the door.

“Yes sir?” I asked the commander.

“Yes so happy to see you group leader Multifire. This war is getting out of hand. We need to retake and revive the giant brain and press the attack to wipe out the Chozo army and take the technology that the Chozo hold. You will lead the attack to retake the giant brain and you will be in charge of reviving it. Take your men and go. Don’t call me until that brain is revived, go now.” He said with confidence.

I was surprised he didn’t give me more info, but I did as he said. I got my men, got in the ships and left for the main ship, the pirates pride but wondered would I be able to retake the brain and is it past repair?

Every thing was done: by me
Idea from: Nentendo game Metroid AND MY HEAD
Special thanks to: my family for raising me and encouraging me

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