Game Genie Codes-B
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Here are the codes for most of the B section. More will come soon.

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Game: Back to the Future™
Code: Effect:
PEXEGAGA Start with 1 life
AEXEGAGE Start with 8 lives
SZKEGOVK Never lose a life in Hill Valley™ game
SXOELOVK Never lose a life in Cafe game
SXKALOVK Never lose a life in school game
SXVELOVK Never lose a life in the dancing hall game
AVVOUZSZ Disable all timers

Game: Back to the future II and III™
Code: Effect:
ZAXKZZPA 20 lives
LAXKZZPA 30 lives
GZOEZZST Infinity fuel
ZAXKYZPA 20 nuclear fuel units
LAXKYZPA 30 nuclear fuel units
SXXELOVK Infinity lives
GZKAKGSA Keep shots
PEKASEPO Quicker shots

Game: Bad Dudes™
Code: Effect:
SZNKASVK Infinite lives
GXOKASVK Infinite continues
PENXYZLA Start with 1 life and 1 continue
TENXYZLA Start with double lives and continues
PENXYZLE Start with triple lives and continues
PESAIYIE Gain double usual energy from drinks
APEETPEY Become completely invincible

Game: Bad Street Brawler™
Code: Effect:
OZOIYPVK Infinite lives
PAXITALA Start with 1 life
SZOITNVK Don't die at time out
GEUZZYAA Start on level five
PEUZZYAE Start on level ten
TEUZZYAE Start on level fifteen
TAXITALA Start with 6 lives
PAXITALE Start with 9 lives

Game: Balloon Fight™
Code: Effect:
SUNNIZVI Infinity lives
AENYPPZA Start with 1 life
IENYPPZA Start with 6 lives
AENYPPZE Start with 9 lives
GENNIPAA Start on level 5-2 players only
PENNIPAE Start on level 10-2 players only
TENNIPAE Start on level 15-2 players only
PEUYTLZA Start with only 1 balloon
AVXTNYKA Balloons are unburstable

Game: Bases Loaded 4™
Code: Effect:
SZNXGUVV Balls do not count
SXOXYUVV Strikes do not count
PEOXGLZA 2 strikes and you're out
LEOXGLZA 4 strikes and you're out
AANZGLLA 1 ball and you walk
PANZGLLA 2 balls and you walk
ZANZGLLA 3 balls and you walk
*NOTE:Game only shows 2 strikes and 3 balls
PEOETGAA Some batters have count of 1 and 1
ZEOETGAA Some batters have count of 2 and 2
*NOTE:Batter count codes only work in 2-player mode

Game: Batman Game™
Code: Effect:
SZUGGTVG Infinity lives
AEESKGZA Start with 1 life
IEESKGZA Start with 6 lives
AEESKGZE Start with 9 lives
IASPXVZA Half usual pellets on pick-up
GEEPOTPA Extra energy on heart pick-up
GPSPXVZA Double usual pellets on pick-up
GZNOUGST Infinite pellets after pick-up

Game: Batman: Return of the Joker™
Code: Effect:
SZXZONSE Protection from energy bullets
SZSZKXSE Protection from collisions
SXSATXSE Protection from "electric grids"
AEXILGZA Start with 1 life
GVXILGZA Start with 100 lives
GEOSTKTA Start game with 3 life increasments instead of 8
AAKOPIZA Invincibility lasts until next stage
GASOTOTA Continue game with 3 life increasments instead of 8
GAVXVLZA Each Backpack Energy Capsule™ counts as 2
AAVXVLZE Each Backpack Energy Capsule counts as four
GEOSPKVN Start with 7 Backpack Energy Capsules™ instead of none
SZXSZSVK Infinity lives
GXEUIOSE Don't get stunned when hit

Game: Batman Returns™
Code: Effect:
SXSKGKVK Infinite Batarangs™
PAXELAIE Start with 9 Batarangs
YLOALEAX Start with full energy
APOALEAZ Start with less energy
YAKZTIZE Power Punch
ZPKXZIIE Power jump kick
YAKXLIIE Power slide
AAVASZZA Don't lose energy from spin attack
GZEGLVSE Almost infinity lives and energy
AUSAPPAP Lots more energy from small hearts

Game: Battle of Olympus™
Code: Effect:
AAUGPAAO Start with less stamina
AZUGPAAP Start with more stamina
GZUKTASA Start with Staff of Fennel™
GZUKTASA Start with Sword
GZUKTASA Start with Divine Sword™
AAEGOZZA Start with Sandals of Hermes™

Game: Battleship™
Code: Effect:
PEUAUGIA 1 round per level
LEUAUGIA 3 rounds per level
VASASGSA Start on level 2
VASASGSA Start on level 5
VASASGSA Start on level 7
VASASGSA Start on level 8
SAXAOISP You only have RIM-66 missles
SZUAOSOU Each ship can take only one hit

Game: Battletank™
Code: Effect:
SLXTEEVS Infinite ammo
TOVZIAZL Start with half 150mm ammo
LVVZIAZL Start with double 150mm ammo
ZUVXTAPA Start with more wire guided shells
LVVXTAPA Start with max wire guided shells
LGEZPPVO Start with less 50mm shells
NYEZPPVO Start with max 50mm shells
ZUNXAAPA Start with more smoke shells
LVNXAAPA Start with max smoke shells
GTEZIOEK Start with less 50mm ammo after mission 5
NYEZIOEK Start with max 50mm ammo after mission five
SXSLNPSA Take infinite hits

Game: Battletoads™
Code: Effect:
TENVZILA 6 lives
PENVSILE 9 lives
GXXZZLVI Infinite lives
GXEILUSO Enemies easier to kill
EYSAUVEI Mega-jumping
AEUZITPA Super fast punching
ZAXAALAA Start onl level 2- Wookie Hole™
IAXAALAA Start on level 5 - Surf City™
TAXAALAA Start on level 6 - Karnath's Lair™
YAXAALAA Start on level 7 - Volkmire's Inferno™
PAXAALAE Start on level 9 - Terra Tubes™
ZAXAALAE Start on level 10 - Rat Race™
LAXAALAE Start on level 11- Clinger Winger™
GAXAALAE Start on level 12 - The Revolution™
AOUKXNAA Double energy from flies
YXUKXNAE Maximum enrgy from flies

Game: Battletoads™ and Double Dragon™
IEEOOALA Start with full lives
AEEOOALA Start with 1 life
GXXLAAVI Infinite lives(except stage 4)
GZSOXPVI Infinite lives on stage 4
PEVELZZE Start with 10 continues
YPSYPGIE Longer invincibility
ILSYPGIA Even longer invincibility
AOSEVASA Double Dragon™ super punch
AXUIPOYA Stronger enemies

Game: Baseball Stars II™
Code: Effect:
SZSSZSVV Strikes do not count
SXSITKVV Balls do not count
PAVIPILA One strike for an out
ZAVIPILA Two strikes for an out
GAVIPILA Four strikes for an out
IAVIPILA Five strikes for an out (only shows three)
PESSIGGA One ball for a walk
ZESSIGGA Two balls for a walk
LESSIGGA Three balls for a walk
TESSIGGA Six balls for a walk (only shows three on screen)
PANILTLA One out per side instead of 3
ZANILTLA Two outs per side
GANILTLA Four outs per side
VS. The Computer:
PAOAILLA One out per side
ZAOAILLA Two outs per side
GAOAILLA Four outs per side
PEXPVGLZ Game ends after 1 inning
LEXPVGLZ Game ends after 2 innings
TEXPVGLZ Game ends after 3 innings
AEXPVGLX Game ends after 4 innings
ZEXPVGLX Game ends after 5 innings
GEXPVGLX Game ends after 6 innings
TEXPVGLX Game ends after 7 innings
AOXPVGLZ Game ends after 8 innings

Game: Bee 52™
Code: Effect:
SXSGOSVK Infinite lives
SZXNXTAX Keep pick-ups
GZOKUYAP Fly quicker
GZSSTTEI Don't get stunned
PAXYKGLA Start with 1 life
TAXYKGLA Start with 6 lives
PAXYKGLE Start with 9 lives

Game: Beetlejuice™
Code: Effect:
SZOIYKVK Infinite lives
TEOAAALA 6 lives
PEOAAALE 9 lives
AAOITYPA Infinite hits
PENSYLZA Take fewer hits to die

Game: Bigfoot™
Code: Effect:
SUKXVUVS Infinite nitros
SZVUAOSE Player 1 gets player 2's nitros
NNKXXLGV Longer nitro boost
AXKXXLGT Shorter nitro boost
GEKAOKAA Engines are half price
PEKAOKAE Engines cost more
LEKAXGTA Tires are half price
ZEKAUGGA Transmission work is half-price
AEKAUGGE Transmission work is double price
PEKAKGZA Suspension is half price
TEKAKGZA Suspension is triple price

Game: Bignose the Caveman™
Code: Effect:
TEUYITLA 6 lives
PEUYITLE 9 lives
SXOTPAVG Infinite lives
ANENAKLL Slower timer
AXENAKLL Faster timer
AEEYYZPA Never lose bones when buying
AOUGTAE Start on Monster Island
ZOUNGTAE Start on Terror Island

Game: Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure™
Code: Effect:
SZKUPXVK Infinite skeleton keys
SZEKUOSE Infinite coins for locals
OUOOUEOO Infinite Good Stuff™
SXOTTOSE Phone call segments cost 1 coin
OOKKUTIO Ted starts with 99 coins
OOSVAPIO Bill starts with 99 coins
IEKKUTIP Ted starts with 5 coins
IESVAPIP Bill starts with 5 coins

Game: Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge™
Code: Effect:
EUEKTLEP Accelerate faster
SZUETKVK Infinite "free time" in the pits
SXOAZVVK Freezes timer while crew works on car in pit stops

Game: Bionic Commando™
Code: Effect:
SZNUIYVG Infinite lives in main game
SXUEZPVG Infinite lives in sub-game
AAUGSZZA Start with 1 life
IAUGSZZA Start with double lives
AAUGSZZE Start with triple lives
VGKKNXUK Start with 3-way gun
XTUKUXVU Start with 3 life energy capsules
SXSTYNVK Don't take damage from bullets and collisions
VTNZXVVK Don't take damage from spikes
SZUOAOVK Don't take damage from bullets and collisions in sub-game
XYXUUOEN Autofire-main game

Game: Blades of Steel™
Code: Effect:
GEUGTTYA Faster timer
GOUGTTYA Slower timer
PAXZLGIA Players can take only one punch
AAOSSAAZ Player with puck doesn't slow down

Game: Blaster Master™
Code: Effect:
SZUGYIVG Infinite lives
AAEGZLZA Start with 1 life
IAEGZLZA Start with 6 lives
AAEGZLZE Start with 9 lives
GXKPEOVK Infinite Thunderbreaks™
GZSOEEVK Infinite homing missles
GXSOVXVK Infinite multi-warheads
YAEKPLAE Start with 15 of each weapon
ZAEKPLAE Start with 10 of each weapon
IAEKPLAA Start with 5 of each weapon

Game: Bomberman™
Code: Effect:
SXPKAG Infinite lives
AEZKLL Start with 1 life
PEZKLU Start with 10 lives
SZIGAT Stop timer
VPGKGG Decrease timer
VYGKGK Increase timer
ZELGYU Start on stage 10
GOLGYL Start on stage 20
TOLGYU Start on stage 30
AXLGYU Start on stage 40
ZULGYL Start on stage 50
AXKKALAP Start with double power bomb blasts
AUKKALAP Start with triple power bomb blasts
EEKKALAP Start with maximum power bomb blasts
NYXKUIEX Increase bomb detonation time
AYXKUIEZ Decrease bomb detonation time
PAEKEIGN Use up to 9 bombs
AESKNKTA Start with and keep remote controller
OXVGITSX Immune to bomb blasts
AEEGEYPA Walk through walls

Game: Bonk's Adventure™
Code: Effect:
SZVZINVK Infinite lives
AEKAAAZA Start with 1 life
IEKAAAZA Start with 6 lives
AEKAAAZE Start with 9 lives
GEUAAEGA Start with less initial energy (but more maximum energy)
AOUAAEGE Start with more energy
GASZTYAA Gain energy from picking up smileys
YEXELAAA Start on stage 2-1
IEXELAAE Start on stage 3-1
ZOXELAAA Start on stage 4-1
YOXELAAA Start on stage 5-1
PXXELAAA Start on stage 6-1

Game: Boulderdash™
Code: Effect:
SLEZXTVI Infinite lives
TAKIELLA 6 lives
PAKIELLE 9 lives
PEOXEYLA 1 life after continue
TEOXEYLA 6 lives after continue
PEOXEYLE 9 lives after continue
YOSGXNYU Speed up timer
NNSGXNYU Slow down timer
SXSGSYAX Stop timer

Game: A Boy and His Blob™
Code: Effect:
AAULNGIA 1 life only
ZAULNGIE Double lives
GXXEOPVG Infinite lives
YYXLUGEY Gives 101 of all starting jellybeans
AAVKIPPA Infinite jellybeans
AVOPVGEI Never take damage from enemies
APEUUIAA Gives 10 orange jellybeans
AONUSGAA I0 lime jellybeans
OONLOGZN 99 Licorice Jellybeans
AUNLUGIP Double strawberry jellybeans
TUNLNKAP Double cola jellybeans
AKNUOGGX Double Cinnamon jellybeans
GXNUUGZP Double apple jellybeans
AVNUNGAL Double vanilla jellybeans
ZPELNITA Double ketchup jellybeans
AONLSGTE Triple Coconut jellybeans
APELUITE Triple Rootbeer jellybeans
APEUSIAA 10 Vitamin A for Vita-Blaster™
APEUNIAA 10 Vitamin B for Vita-Blaster™
APOLOIAA 10 Vitamin C for Vita-Blaster™

Game: Bram Stoker's Dracula™
Code: Effect:
NUNTZUKU Infinite lives
SUXLISVS Infinite energy-except falling off cliffs
AEVGPPPA Infinite timer
ZEVGPPPA Faster timer
UUETEIZE Infinite weapons-except scene 1 daytime
NNSNGPZE Disable axe

Game: Breakthru™
Code: Effect:
GZUKYPVG Infinite lives for both players
GZKSLZVG Freeze weapon timer
PEUKPZLA Player 1 start with 1 life
TEUKPZLA Player 1 start with 6 lives
PEUKPZLE Player 1 start with 9 lives
PEKGGZLA Player 2 start with 1 life
TEKGGZLA Player 2 start with 6 lives
PEKGGZLE Player 2 start with 9 lives
ZANKLZPA Start game on level 2
LANKLZPA Start game on level 3
GANKLZPA Start game on level 4
IANKLZPA Start game on level 5
LTUKTLAA Start each life with 3-way firing and 99 seconds

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