Dragdan's First Adventure
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Here is Daniel Gonzalez's first story in the series he made.
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Dragdan's First Adventure; The Beggining of a New Era
It was Dragdan's 10th birthday. The 10th birthday meant so much to the kids who wanted to become pokémon trainers. He likes his friends to call him Drag.

The gifts he recieved were 10 pokéballs, one pokédex and 2 pokémon, one from his best friend Carlos and another from other friend called Michelle, before going to Dr. Oak's lab.

"Let's see. Which pokémon will they be?"said Drag, reaching for the 2 pokéballs."A Bulbasaur! A Dratini! Thanks friends!"said Drag."Friends, let's go to Dr. Oak's lab now. Ok?"said Drag."Ok"said Carlos."Umm, ok"said Michelle.

Carlos and Michelle were 10 years old too and wanted to be pokémon trainers. Carlos said:"I want Charmander!" and Michelle said:"I want Squirtle!" Drag said:"I want Pikachu!"

The three went to Dr. Oak's lab."I choose you, Charmander!"said Carlos."I choose you, Squirtle!"said Michelle."I choose you, Pikachu!" said Drag. Then he went home with his friends to decide where to go first.

"Let's go to Viridian City!" said Drag."Ok!"said Carlos."Let's go!"said Michelle."A Pidgey!", shouted Carlos.He send Charmander, but he reused. Then Drag helped him with his Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur attaked and... Carlos traped Pidgey! He was so excited. But when they where close to Viridian city, they encoutered a gang of pokémon thieves, and........................To Be Continued.

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