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Codes and Game Shark Codes

Here are some new Game Shark codes. More will be coming.

Game: Battle Tanx
Code:          Effect:
LTSLTSGNGS      all gangs in campaign mode
WMNRSMRTR       new gang (a womens gang?)
CJSKPFLGMH      warp to state street with 10 lives, 1 nuke, and 5 goliaths (including you)

Code:          Effect:
BOBBYBIRD       Master cheat (none of the codes will work without it)
SCREWYOUGUYS    show credits
VEGGIEHEAVEN    skinny people
MEGANOGGIN      Big Heads
FATERKNACKER    unlimited ammo
AS*MAN          invincibility

Game: Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Code:          Effect:
(for game shark)
80130B4D007E    All lev's/ships
81137E7C4316    Extra shields
8010CA320008    Infinity secondary weapons
80130B850063    99 kills
80130B860063    99 saves
81137E7C 4136   1-Hit Death 
81137E7C 4316   Infinite Health 
GS Button For Gold Medals Won 
88130B1C 00 XX Ambush at Mos Eisley 
88130B1D 00 XX Rendezvou on Bankhesh 
88130B1E 00 XX The Search For The Noonnah 
88130B1F 00 XX Defection At Corellia 
88130B20 00 XX Liberation V 
88130B21 00 XX The Jade Moon 
88130B22 00 XX Imperial Construction Yard 
88130B23 00 XX Assault on Kile II 
88130B24 00 XX Rescue on Kessel 
88130B25 00 XX Prisons on Kessel 
88130B26 00 XX Battle Above Taloraan 
88130B27 00 XX Escape From Fest 
88130B28 00 XX Blockade on Chandrila 
88130B29 00 XX Raid on Sullust 
88130B2A 00 XX Moff Seerdon's Revenge 
88130B2B 00 XX The Battle of Calamari 
88130B2C 00 XX Beggar's Canyon 
88130B2D 00 XX The Death Star Trench Run 
88130B2E 00 XX Battle of Hoth 
Replace XX with: 
00 - None 
01 - Bronze Medal 
02 - Silver Medal 
03 - Gold Medal 

codes: all are entered in the passcode menu.
CHICKEN         activates a secret level with chicken walkers
CREDITS         shows the credits
HARDROCK        changes Luke's face at the beginning
RADAR           makes the radar like an acctual one
MAESTRO         listen to all the music
ACE             makes the game harder
TOUGHGUY        all power ups
FARMBOY         fly the Millenium Falcon
TIEDUP          fly the tie interceptor (hit up on the control pad when your at the Millenium Falcon
IGIVEUP         infinity lives
DIRECTOR        view all of the cut scenes

Cheat Code
Enter these codes at the Tonight's Matchup screen.
Effect           Code
Tournament Mode  111
No Shoving       390
No Goal Tending  937
Turbo Passing    120
Max Blocking     616
Max Speed        284
Max Stealing     709
Hyper Speed      552
Unlimited Turbo  461
Max Power        802
No Music         048
Rooftop Court    700
Baby Mode        025

Also enter these codes at the Tonights matchup screen
Shot Percentage -- Rotate the joypad once 
Big Heads -- Hold Up and press Turbo + Pass 
Huge Heads -- Press Up, Up, Pass, Turbo  
No Tag Arrow -- Press Left, Left, Pass, Turbo  
No Drifting -- Press Down, Down, Steal, Turbo   
Rooftop Jam -- Hold Left and press Turbo, Turbo, Turbo 
Hidden Characters: For the following characters, enter these for your player and there pin numbers. 
Ahrdwy    0000 (Penny Hardaway)
Amrich    2020 (Dan Amrich)
Bardo     6000
Carlos    1010
Cliffr    0000 (Cliff Robinson)
Daniel    0604
Danr      0000 (Dan Roan)
Davidr    0000 (David Robinson)
Divita    0201 (Sal Divita)
Dream     0000 (Hakeem Olajuwon)
Eddie     6213
Elliot    0000 (Sean Eliot)
Eugene    6767
Ewing     0000 (Patrick Ewing)
Ghill     0000 (Grant Hill)
Glennr    0000 (Glen Rice)
Hgrant    0000 (Horace Grant)
Jamie     1000 (Jamie Rivett)
Japple    6660
Jason     0729
Jc        0000
Jigget    1010
Jfer      0503
Jonhey    6000 (Jon Hey)
Johnsn    0000 (Larry Johnson)
Kemp      0000 (Shawn Kemp)
Kidd      0000 (Jason Kidd)
Kombat    0004 
Malone    0000 (Karl Malone)
Marius    1003
Marty     1010
Webber    0000 (Chris Webber)
Mednik    6000
Miller    0000 (Reggie Miller)
Minife    6000
Morris    6000 (Air Morris)
Mortal    0004 (John Tobias)
Motumb    0000 (Dikembe Motumbo)
Mourni    0000 (Alonzo Mourning)
Munday    5432 (Larry Munday)
Mursan    0000 (Gheorghe Muresan)M
XV       1014
Nick      7000
Nfunk     0101
Nobud     1010
North     5050
Patf      2000
Perry     3500 
Pippen    0000 (Scottie Pippen)
Quin      0330
Rice      0000 
Rodman    0000 (Dennis Rodman)
Root      6000 
Shawn     0123
Smits     0000 
Sno       0103 
Starks    0000 
Turme     0322 (Mark Turmell)
Webb      0000 

Red, White and Blue Ball: At tonights matchup screen hold right and press shoot, turbo, and pass.
Rodman's Hair Color: When you select your team go to the Chicago Bulls. Select Rodmon on the screen, then press C-Right to change his hair color. 

A432C62B 0666	Strobe Light Mode

8033B189 0002	Fast Butt Stomp

8833B189 0003	Press GS Button For Mario To Fall Asleep

A032B61F FFFA	Hel* on Earth

A11C0555 5555	Wierd Trees, Can Walk Through

A11C05CA 0000	Clumsy Mario

A11C051A FFFF	Walk Through Hills

A032C587 AAAA	Most Glitchiest Code

8133B425 450C	Star Like World

A13255D7 0001	Geek Mario

A132D5D8 0001	Frame by Frame animation

E032C16E 1B1B	Earthquake World
E032C16B B1B1

A032C596 AAAA	Melting Mario

A432C55B BBB0	Neon Mario

8133B1BD 0005	Sinking Jump

8133B226 0001	Mario Can't Use Hats

B432C551 9999	Old-Fashioned Mario/Some Surroundings

A432C49D 9999	Mario's On Drugs Mode

A432C69D 9999	Mario Flashes A Bit/Moving Camera Around Can Change Day Into Night

8132CCDE FFBA	Static Sound

8133B032 56AB	Earthquake

8132C045 FAA9	Worst Cutted World

8132C459 9662	Strange Sky

8333B19C 4044	Weird Slide Attack 

8333B19C 8088	Weird Slide Attack #2

8980A799 B910	Press GS Button For 104 Coins [After Every Two Blue Coins You Get One More Coin]

8133B261 0001	Reverse Power Display/Always 1 Life When Paused

8133B262 0001	Reverse Power Display/Always 1 Coin

A11C0135 1111	Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Even Bigger Cap

A11C0145 1111	Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Party Hat

A11C0125 1111	Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Spike

A11C0070 1111	Bob-ombs Lack A Body & Eyes

A11C0105 1111	Bob-ombs Have Stretched-Sideways Feet

A11C0552 FFFF	"Martian" Trees

A11C055F FFFF	Invisible Trees

A11C053C 1111	Termites Have Been Eating The Trees Away/Invisible Walls #2

A832540A 0001	Press GS Button For A Very Close Camera

A11C0591 1111	(Outside Castle) Brownish "Alien" Trees/New Stone Texture Infront Of Door/No Trees/Invisible Walls In Bob-omb Battlefield

A332CAAAA 00FF	Mario & Music Sounds Like 80's Sound Effects

A032B7BD 0060	Everything Is Very Up-Close To You

A432C4E4 000E	Rainbow World

8033B220 FFFF	Mario Is Up To His Torso Into The Ground

8033B220 0001	Mario Floats Above The Ground

8133B1C5 FFFF	Super-Walk Mario

A11C050C 0001	"Super Man" Mario 

A11C050A 0001	Gain Access To Cannon

A032C545 1111	(In Intro) Blue-Black Mario/Black Mario In-Game

A032C0EE 2222	Multi-Colored & Flashing Mario + Surroundings

A032C0EF 1111	Even More Multi-Colored & Flashing Mario + Surroundings

E032C1DF DDDD	Almost Everything Moves When You Do

E032C1DD DDDD	Really Strange Graphics/Effects

A1254A42 0000	Mario Gets Cap Back
A1254A40 0000

A032C59F 3333	Multi-Colored Flashing Mario

A032C0B5 1111	70's Mode

A032C0AE 1111	70's Mode #2

A032C0B4 1111	70's Mode #3

A032C0B6 1111	Different 70's Mario

A032C0AC 1111	Cross-Eyed Mario

A032C055 BBBB	Insane Mario & Surroundings

A032C09F 1111	Disco Effect Between Screens/Slightly Disco World

A032C004 1111	Messed-Up World With Mario In Love

A032C054 1111	Strange Graphics With Devil Mario

A032C55C 1111	Really Cool-Looking Mario & Surroundings

A432C173 00FF	Mario Being Played On The PC

8033B21E 0001	Always Tired/Die Hard Mario 

8033B224 FFFF	Mario Can Barely Do Anything 

8033B224 0001	Short/Low Jumping Mario 

A032C518 00FF	Distortovision - The Castle Is Falling Apart 

E032C16E FFFF	Distortovision - LegoLand 
203577BA BAAE 
20361550 8888
2032C640 0407

E032C42D FFFF	Distortovision - Moving Ground 

8033B3B8 00FF	Shaky Shadows 

8033B3B4 00FF	Funky Hat 

8033B3B0 00FF	Funky Hands 

8133B205 0001	Camera Stays In Weird Places 

8133B17A 0008	Star-Glitter Effect 

8133B196 0070	Flashing Invincible Mario 

8133B1C5 0010	Go Nowhere Fast 

8133B1C5 FFFF	Rocket Mario 

8133B1BD 0000	Hover Mario 

8133B1BD FFFF	Super Mega Jump 

E032C1D1 1111	Lego/Bloated Mario 
E032C1F1 1111	Really, Really, Tiny Title Screen (May Freeze) 

E032C1A1 1111	Lots Of Graphics Missing/Changed View In Cannons Are Completely Black/Cool Trees/Messed-Up Text & Lifebar 

8833B21E FFFF	Press GS Button To Kill Mario 

8133B25F 0001	Reverse Power Meter

A032D54C 0001	Machine Gun Sound Mode

A032D548 0001	Locust Sound Mode 

A032D524 0001	Chunk/Freeze Opening 

A032D51C 0001	Time-Bomb Ticking 

A1253DAC 0000	Walk Up Hills 

A032B60F 0001	Stripe Land 

A032B61B 0001	Striped Screen 

A032B61D 0001	Hel* On Earth/Flat Shaded Mario 

A032B61E 0001	Cool Red Pattern/Picasso Sky 

A032B61F 0001	Hel* On Earth Without The Flash 

8133B267 0001	Cool Power Meter 

A432C62B 0001	Slightly Darker Game 

8033B218 FFFF	Can't Get Coins 

8033B425 0002	Blinds/Disco/Carpet World 

8033B425 0001	White/Disco World 

8033B21A FFFF	Have "M13" Stars 

8033B17A 0080	Sandio 

8033B17A 0040	Splashio 

8033B17A 0020	Leafio 

8033B17A 0008	Smokio 

8033B17A 0002	Snowio 

8033B221 0001	Stuck-In-The-Ground Mario 

8133B425 7915	"He Is Looking At You"

8133B424 9908	Mario World

8133B424 9910	Picture World

8133B424 9919	Pencil World

8933B218 0063	Press GS button for 99 Coins

8033B21D 0064	Unlimited Lives

8133B21E 08FF	Unlimited Energy/Breath

A032D58C 0001	Level Select 

A032D598 0001	Debug Mode

A032D594 0001	Sound Display

8133B226 FFFF	Unlimited Hat Usage

803325F4 0001	No Power Display

8033B220 0020	Invisible Mario

8033B221 0000	Half Mario

8033B3BC 00C0	Limbo Mario

8033B3BE 0080	Mario Runs Backwards

A1253DAC 0000	Walk Up Hills
A1253DAE 0000	
A1253DB0 0000
A1253DB2 0000

A1254A30 0000	Remove Mario's Cap
A1254A32 0000

A125460E FFFF	Monsters Don't Hurt Mario
A125460C 240B
A1254610 A54B
A1254612 0026
A1254614 1000
A1254616 000C

A1248154 0000	Super Fast Game 
A1248156 0000

8033B3BB 0010	Super-Big Right Hand

8033B3BB 0090	Super-Big Right Foot

8033B3BB 0050	Growing/Shrinking Left Fist

8033B3BC 0050	Mario Runs Bent Over

8133B054 0095	Strobe Mario

8033B3BB 0060	No Left Hand

8033B3BB 0070	No Right Hand

8033B3BB 00B0	Mario Missing Foot

8033B224 00A0	Heavy/Short Mario

A1253DAC 0000	Walk Up Hills + Fun Effects
A1253DAE 0000
A1253DB0 0000
A1253DB2 0000

8033B21A 0064	Have 256 Stars (note: can't use new file)

8933B21A 0063	Press GS Button for 99 Stars

8933B21D 0063	Press GS Button for 99 Lives

8933B21A 0078	Press GS Button for 120 Stars

8133B424 OOO9	Funky World

8133B424 0001	Vegas World

8133B424 0007	Kiss Castle

8133B424 0005	Zebra World

8133B424 0010	Rainbow World

8133B424 0070	Dark World

8133B424 0008	"Eye on you" World

8133B424 OOO6	Letter and number World

8133B426 0070	Senario Change

8133B174 1111	Rubber Walls & Weird Voices

8033B222 0020	Die Instantly

8033B224 00A0	Heavy/Short Mario (Can't Hardly Jump)

8033B3B6 0020	Mario Opens & Closes His Right Hand

8033B222 0000	Don't Lose Energy As Fast

8033B223 0000	Only Have a Little Energy After You Die Once

803303BE 0090	Down-Right-Backwards Looking Mario When Running

8033B3BE 0050	Mario Faces Left & Sideways When Running

8033B3BE 00B0	Mario Faces Right When Running

8033B3BC 0080	Upside Down Torso

8033B3BC 0070	Ostrich Mario

8033B3BE 0070	Down-Left-Backwards Looking Mario When Running

8033B3BC 0090	Backwards Ostrich Mario

8133B179 0002	See Mario's Breath

8133B1BD 0010	Mega Jump 

8133B1BD 0000	Hover Mario 

8133B1BD FFFF	Super Mega Jump 

8133B1C5 FFFF	Rocket Man

8133B1C5 FFDD	Easier to Control Rocket Man

8133B1C5 00F0	The slider (Pull Back on The Control Stick to Slide)

8133B196 0070	Flashing Invincible

8133B1B6 0030	Forces Act on Mario

8133B1A3 FFFF	Bumpy Flight (Must Have Flying Cap)

8133B19E FFFF	Mario Always Goes Forward

8133B1A4 0070	Hard Turning in Water

8133B1A4 0000	Mario Swims in a Straight Line

8133B19C FFFF	When Flying Can Not go Down or Up

8133B1C5 0010	Go Nowhere Mario

8033B22C 0001	Impervious to All Falls

8133B1A4 FFFF	Mario Can Only Swim & Fly in One Direction

8133B17A 0008	Star Glitter

8933AFA9 0070	Stops Controller Use

8933AFAA 0070	GS Button to Keep Mario Running Towrds Upper Right Hand Corner

8133B174 FFFF	Rubber Walls

8133AFA3 0095	Crazy Camera

8033B22C 0078	Jumping Hurts

8133B18F 0001	Can't Enter Doors

8133B18F 5555	Doors Enter Opposites

8133B18F FFFF	All Doors Lead to Back to Where You Started

8033B22C 00E8	Falling Does Not Hurt Mario

8133 B178 FFFF  Smoking Mario                                         
8133 B176 FFFF	

A1254A30 0000   All Cap Powers                                      
A1254A30 0000	

A132D51D 00D1	Strange Sounds

A1256BA7 0000	Long Jumping

8133B1E2 0000	Bring Back Water From The Drained Moat 
Cap Modifer 8133B176 00XX 
Replace XX with the following digits 
00 - No Caps 08 - Flying Without CapStart With Caps 
12 - Invisible 15 - Metal 
18 - Flying 1A - Flying & Invisible 
1C - Flying & Metal 1E - Flying, Metal & Invisble 
Start With Caps in Hand 
21 - Regular Mario 22 - Invisble 
25 - Metal 28 - Flying 
2A - Flying & Invisble 2C - Flying & Metal 
2E - Flying, Metal & Invisible 
Start With Caps in Hand & One to Spare 
31 - Regular Mario 32 - Invisble 
35 - Metal 38 - Flying 
3A - Flying & Invisble 3C - Flying & Metal 
3E - Flying, Metal & Invisible 
True Invisibility Caps 
81 - Regular Mario 82 - Invisble 
85 - Metal 88 - Flying 
8A - Flying & Invisble 8C - Flying & Metal 
8E - Flying, Metal & Invisible 
Codes to Have All 7 Stars 
8020770C 00FF Bomb-Omb Battlefield 
8020770D 00FF Whomp's Fortress 
8020770E 00FF Jolly Roger Bay 
8020770F 00FF Cool, Cool Mountain 
80207710 00FF Big Boo's Haunt 
80207711 00FF Hazy Maze Cave 
80207712 00FF Lethal Lava Land 
80207713 00FF Shifting Sand Land 
80207714 00FF Dire, Dire Docks 
80207715 00FF Snowman's Land 
80207716 00FF Wet-Dry World 
80207717 00FF Tall, Tall Mountain 
80207718 00FF Tiny-Huge Island 
80207719 00FF Tick Tock Clock 
8020771A 00FF Rainbow Ride 
8020771B 00FF 1st 7 Castle Secret Stars 
8020771C 00FF 2nd 7 Castle Secret Stars 
8020771D 00FF 3rd 7 Castle Secret Stars 
8020771E 00FF 4th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
8020771F 00FF 5th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
80207720 00FF 6th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
80207721 00FF 7th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
80207722 00FF 8th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
80207723 00FF 9th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
80207724 00FF 10th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
A032C518 00FF	Distortovision - The Castle Is Falling Apart