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Goldeneye 007

Enable cheats

All you have to do is beat a level within the time given below. When you do that it will enable that Cheat! Level Cheat Difficulty Time Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40 Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05 Runway (Big Head) DK Mode Agent 5:00 Surface 2x Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30 Bunker 2x Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00 Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00 Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30 Surface2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15 Bunker2 2x Throwing Knives Agent 1:30 Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15 Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20 Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45 Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:30 Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25 Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent 3:45 Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00 Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30 Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15 Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00 Egyptian All Guns 00 Agent 6:00 And the below weapons can be enabled simply by beating the levels. Weapon Level Magnum Antenna Cradle Janus base Laser Aztec Complex Golden Gun Egyptian Temple

Double the characters

Select members of the development staff and kitchen staff for Multiplayer: This is a long code -- 10 steps -- and may take a few tries to enter properly. You can do this code anywhere, but it's best to do it on the Multi-Player Character Select screen while looking at the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Then: 1. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left. 2. Hold the L Button and press C-Up. 3. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Left on the digital Control Pad (NOT the Control Stick). Note: Doing this will select a different character on-screen. This is supposed to happen. 4. Hold the L Button and press Right on the Control Pad. 5. Hold the R Button and press Down on the Control Pad. 6. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left. 7. Hold the L Button and press C-Up. 8. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Right on the Control Pad. 9. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Down. 10. Hold the L Button and press Down on the Control Pad. No sound is made to indicate the code was successfully entered. If you entered the code correctly, you will be able to select from nearly double the characters you had access to before. Note that this code will open all of the hidden characters, even if you haven't finished the game. One drawback is, your game will not save this code, so you'll have to re-enter it every time you want to use the extra characters.

Scientists kill themselves

When you have the game set on agent or 00 agent, go in to a level that has scientists (caverns, facility) and shoot one once in the foot and once in the arm (through the glass) and they could try to throw a grenade at you and end up killing themselves.


I've found that when your all getting you're stats on multiplayer if you press left three times on you're control stick (stick not pad) and you'll see an award. Bad Awards "Lemmings Award" most suicides "Shortest innings" didn't live as long as the others "Wheres the ammo" Didn't get ammo "Where's the armor?" Didn't get armor "Most Harmless" barely killed anyone "Most Frantic" a crazy person that runs around a lot "Most dishonorable" uses glitches sets traps and fights dirty "Most cowardly" keeps away from everybody Good Awards "Triple Kill" Everyone kills themselves at the same time "Double Kill" kills more than one person at a time "Most Deadly" Very good "Most Honorable" doesn't use cheap tricks and fights fair "Most Professional" gets right to business and doesn't mess around "Marksmanship Award" good shots right in the head and body "Longest Innings" stays in the longest

Cradle tip

On Cradle, you don't have to waste time shooting and chasing Trevelyan. All you have to do is get to run down in the lower section of the cradle, then go into the other and go around the other way. So you won't waste bullets and time on Trevelyan. This makes it easier to get the Gold PP7 cheat.

Easy way to get the 2X throwing knives

The easy way to get the 2X throwing knives is just to take your time! In the bunker2 agent, just attract the key, chop the guy, and free Natilya. Then, take a turn right before the control room, enter the first door you see (on the right) and grab the tape, killing the guy on the right only. Run outside, even if Natilya is miles behind. If you did it quick enough, you now have the 2X Throwing knives cheat! It may take you a few (5 or 6) times to get it. Keep trying!

End the mission with Natalya dead with the mission still complete

This one is just plain silly. In the archives beat up the guys (preferably in agent mode) and take your time and find Natilya. Run to the library windows, but don't jump out. Wait for Natiyla to come into the room. (This is best with DK Mode and Grenade Launcher 2X, or at least a DD44 Dosotvi) Blast the window open. Shoots your DD44 or Grenade Launcher at Natalya and as quick as you can bolt out the window. Natilya will be dead on the ground right behind you, but Bond won't care, and he'll end the mission with Natalya dead, but the mission will still be complete!

Increase your kill score and accuracy

In the archives (level 11) after killing the 2 interegaters and taking there weapons. Stand by the white cabinet and face the door. If someone comes in (they should if they heard the noise) Just paste them with double Clobs (in this level you can have double Clobs) This trick will increase your kill score and accuracy. Once I got 200 kills and an accuracy of 95.3%!!!

Invisible gap in the wall

On the Complex level, in Multiplayer. Go to the room with all the pipes going from the roof to the floor. Go to the right wall and face so that it is on your right. Strafe right while walking forward. You will find an invisible gap in the wall. There are many of these holes in the wall.. These are very useful for Flag Tag when you have no radar on. Nobody can find you!

x2 AR33s

In caverns, make your way to the radio room. Along the way, pick up an AR33 assault rifle. In the radio room, their should be a little alcove to the right with three boxes in it. Shoot the box on the far right. A crate will pop out, followed by more crates and monitors. Keep shooting until an AR33 pops out. Pick it up and you now have x2 AR33s.

Different rocket textures

First have the all weapons cheat on. Go to Bunker #1 and do the remote mines trick on the TV screens in the main control room. Next select the rocket launcher and shoot a rocket so it is hanging in mid-air. Then back up. Look at the back of the rocket you shot, as you move around different textures should appear on it such as hands, bricks, or sometimes a picture of Bond holding up his PP7!

Silo tip with plastic

In the Silo, you may have already found out what happens if you shoot a plastic with your gun. (Instant Death!) Well, try this. At the beginning of the a level, plant a plastic. If you can make it to the end of the Silo without the plastic blowing, wait awhile. Right before the explosive blows up, get in the elevator. If done correctly, Bond will stand in the elevator happily, while everything around him blows up!

Dead guard talks

On Bunker 2, put on any cheats that involve weapons of some sort. At the begging, use your watch attract to get the cell key. After you have gotten it, change to any gun you have and get close to the bars. When the guard comes, shoot him and then quickly get out of the prison. Although the guard is dead, he will still say "stop or I will shoot!"

200+ kills

In the Facility level, in the bottling room, stand about 2 people away from the door that you took to get in the bottling room. Place a mine in front if you want. As the soldiers come out the door shoot them. If there are to many to shot at once back up and detonate the mine, then throw an other one in. Stay there and shoot as long as you want and when you need ammo walk in front of the door and you will fill up. This is a good way to get 200+ kills. When you are done either die or complete the mission. Note: don't blow up the bottling tanks until you are done.

Neat way to kill your opponent in vs mode

Here's a neat way to kill your opponent in vs mode. Go to the complex and use proximity mines. Find a room with two ramps, a yellow one and a grey one. Go up the grey one and you'll fin proximity mines, take them and put one on the roof of the ramp, then stand away. When they find you they'll try and go up the ramp and the proximity mine will blow up. Make sure you put one on the walkway outside the window!

Go through a window to get armor

In the Streets of St. Petersburg, turn right after the second gate. You will be going down a lot of back alleys. Find an open door and Valentin will be in there. After you talk to him, find the window past that house with body armor and soldiers in the window. You can go through that window to get the armor!!

Get floating mines/grenades/rockets while playing the game normally

Here is how to get floating mines/grenades/rockets while playing the game normally. This is easiest to do with the All Guns, Infinite Ammo, and Bond Invisible cheats. In the Bunker, select your remote mines and go to the control room. Run over to the GoldenEye key and copy it then throw it back down. Now place a mine on each of the TV monitors that are in the air (eight in all). Stand clear and blow them up. If you did it right, your mines, grenades, rockets, grenade rounds, tank shells, and throwing knives will be suspended in mid air! You can also do this on the Bunker 2 and on Vs. Mode.

Can't kill Trevelyn

One stupid thing that I found out is one the cradle if you shoot the control console before Trevelyn activates it, you won't be able to kill Trevelyn even with the gold pp7.

Aztec Complex tip

On the Aztec Complex if you upload the launch protocol data and then run a long ways away from it it will still show you up on the ledge watching the shuttle launch.

Tips on fast animation

Another thing for those ghetto people who can't get fast animation here are a few tips: 1. Don't shoot any one. 2. Side step the whole way through the level. 3. When talking to Travelyn pull out your gun and start shooting people after it says the objective is complete. 4. When looking for the flight recorder don't ever look in the same spot. it will never be in the same spot.

Hiding spot

Do you want to know a neat hiding spot? Well first go to Facility on Multiplayer. Then go into the bathroom. Go into the stall with the open vent above it. Go to the Far right corner of the stall then put your gun away. Then press and hold these buttons. R, C-Left, Z. Then hold left on the analog stick. If you did it right you should be up in the vent. Once you are up there quickly press forward so you don't fall out. Now your friends won't be able to find you. (This also works on one player)

How to get back in to the vent in Facility

To get back in to the vent in Facility (main game or multiplayer), you must press the R button, the left C button and move the control stick left under the open vent on the toilet. Try once or twice and you are back in the vent.

000 Agent tips

Control on 000 Agent is very hard to beat. It took me about 3 weeks, and I finally found a little way to make it easier by just a little. I know that the hardest part is protecting Natalya, but this trick will allow you to not worry about dying after you get past that part. If you use grenades to blow up as many mainframes as you can, then you can have from 2-3 left over for other purposes. Make sure you reserve enough for all the mainframes. After killing the guys behind crates in that cave-like part of the level, you enter a large room with some big thing in the middle. Go to the back of the room and lay a mine right on the door on the lower level. You can blow that one up right then. Go upstairs through the doors, kill the guys, go through the doors at the bottom, and go past Boris and kill the two guys on the second level. Get the armor and go back down stairs into the room with the 4 drone guns. Shoot them all down by leaning out from the doorway. Use a grenade to destroy the mainframe if you have one. If you have grenades, you will also be allowed to place a mine on the door to the small room containing the last mainframe inside the glass. That will kill guys there like the other mine. The mines you place by the two lower level mainframes should be on the floor so the glass doesn't shatter. This should lower the amount of guys that come at you at one time. After mines are placed by all the mainframes, go and get Natalya. When the alarm first goes off, you set off the mines. If you can protect Natalya long enough you should have a good chance of surviving long enough to get the second armor, blow up the final mainframe, and exit the level.

Be inside the camera

On either surface go to the two cabins with the security camera and alarm. Quickly, without the camera seeing you, get behind it. Then, walk right toward the back of the camera. Once you get close enough you will be inside the camera!!!

Easy way to kill Xania

The easiest way I have found to kill Xania in the jungle level is to walk up to the edge of the cliff. It will alert her to your presence. Take the AR99 assault rifle and aim it at the bridge. As she runs across the bridge shoot her. She will never get a shot off. It takes a couple of times to practice leading her, but it is better than going face to face.

Shortcut on the Water Caverns stage

Here's a shortcut on the water caverns stage. On the water caverns stage, go down the stairs and keep on walking. Once you see a spot behind the stairs keep on walking and you will end up in a round room with a winding road going up. Pick off the first few guys and until you reach the locker about half way through. Then blow up the locker and there will be a hole you can go through to another room. But you better be careful because there is a automatic machine gun turret right outside, and a few guys. That is also where you can get you double U.S. manufactured assault rifles by blowing up the two boxes in the room with all those boxes and crates.

Boris trick

In the Control Center Level, when you see Boris, he will pull a gun on you, but then drop it like a goof. If you then turn around, Boris will yell, "Aha! I am invincible!" and then start to run away. If you follow him, he will run into a secret place and then he will disappear into the rocks!!

How to get Tiny Bond in Surface 2

The time for the Surface 2 to get Tiny Bond is 4:15 in 00 Agent. All you gotta do is, first thing, stay on the left side of the bank in the beginning. Shoot the guys and cross the plain until you reach a cabin with an enemy camera. Blow it up, aiming at the glass part. Rush inside and blast the guy a few times and take his key (In Agent there will be a body armor, but not Secret or 00 Agent). Run out, and hang a right around the cabin, running towards the satellite. Rush inside and destroy the camera on your way up. Run inside and blow up the table, and the stuff will fall over and blow up. Run outside to the two cabins that are surrounded by fence and quickly run around to the back of the left cabin and blow up the camera. Run out and hang a left, and shoot the camera on the right cabin. If the alarm triggers, don't abort, just run. Hug the left bank as you see the satellite and from there run straight (You should be able to see the ventilation tower that you entered from the surface 1) until you see the helicopter, plant the mine on it and run inside the bunker. If you did it quick enough you should have almost a minute to spare.

Depot Secret Agent tips

In the depot, Secret Agent, what you do is pass the first enemy you see and just run to the gates. Kill any enemies you may see, although there shouldn't be any, and hang a left after you see the truck. Enter the first (and only) warehouse and destroy the guys (only the two). Grab their guns and shoot the machine that fires at you as soon as sees you, and run into the room. Blow up the mainframes (Destroying probably all of the guys, shoot the others) then blow up the world map on the wall. Grab the key on the table and run out. You will be pretty shot down, but the rest of this is really easy. Run out and turn left and run, shooting all the guys, side stepping from their bullets. Once you see a large gap on your left side between two warehouses run into it and head for the abandoned building, move to left of it, and enter the door. Run up the stairs right around the corner and once your up it spin around the right corner and quickly open the safe and grab the blue prints. Turn around, run through the door, open up the closest warehouse door and open the train door, ignoring the guys. It may take 2 or 3 tries, if you aren't experienced to it.

2nd Bunker tips

1. After killing the guard and getting out of the cell, open the first double doors (don't let Natalya out, she'll only get in the way), go straight, and then go through the double doors on your left (a safe is in the room). Kill the guys in there (a good way to do it is to not open the door, aim through the window on the left so you can see the guy, and fire. The other two guys should come running and you can kill them when they open the door) and then go to the left of the safe (so the safe is on your right and the wall is on your left. A whole bunch of guys (like 20) should have heard the firing and come to get you. After you kill all of them, go through the rest of the level killing everybody left. After done that, you can let Natalya out and go to the Main Control Room. This helped me a lot on 00 Mode. 2. If you get out of the cell quickly, you can pick up some throwing knives. If you didn't pick them up, you can always use your watch magnet, go to the right where that grating is, look down, and use it to get the shiny knife on the ledge. 3. If you have trouble with Natalya taking too long when using the computer in the Main Control Room, just blow it up before she gets there and then she'll just say "We've got to escape" and then you can leave. This can also help you when wanting to do the code quickly. 4. Guards can only hear YOUR shooting, and not other guards, so if you only use your knives and your hand at first in the Bunker without any guards seeing this (meaning sneak up behind a guard and whack/slash him without anybody seeing this), it is a bit easier to complete the level.

Guards aim but don't shoot

Turn on invisibility and go to the Train stage. Look at the guards. They'll just aim at you and they won't shoot. Now the weird part. Go to the side of a guard and he will turn to face you as if he sees you but he will never fire.

Easy way to get invisibility

It is very hard to get invisibility for some cheats but here is the way that works best. First, slap the guard to the right and ignore the on to the left. Run out the door but don't go straight, take a left. Ignore the guy then go up the stairs, if there is a guy there ignore him and go left through the door. Then ignore the guy to the left and go left through the closest door to you. Next go around the book shelves and go through the single door, not the double doors. Do a U-turn until Natalya says "James!", Then go through the door with a guard in front of it and you can kill him if you want more ammo. It is very important you have a gun to bust open the windows. Now go straight down the staircase and through the door you see ahead of you. Go in it and go through the one to the left. Then go to the one directly to the right. Now go straight and then right, through the door, here's Mishkin with the helicopter black box. Sometimes there is a guy in the room or just outside it, shoot him. Then, once your inside, listen to him and point the gun at his head, once you here the beep it means you go the box, now quickly shoot him so he gets out of your way and open the safe. Get the box, and run out, Natalya should be right behind you. Go back through the door, left and straight, through the other door. Shoot the windows out and jump out if Natalya is behind you. If she isn't then wait for her and then jump out.

Throwing knives water trick

If you go to any almost any level with water and throw throwing knives in the water, the knives won't sink. You can shoot them towards land and pick them up again.

Ourumov's briefcase

On silo, kill Ourumov. You can pick up his briefcase and a key. The key is marked "." on your items list.

Exploded mines watchless

When you lay a remote mine (or 2 or 3 or 4 ...) you can blow them up by using your watch or if you go to the mine icon and press A and B at the same time.

Extra scene

On depot, go to the train. Go in it but don't kill the guards. It will show James kill the guards with whatever gun you were holding.


You can have three people as the same person on multi player with this trick. 1. Start a four player match on multi player and pick the person that you want to have triplets of for player 4. 2. Pick any other characters for players 1, 2, and 3. 3. Change the number of players to three and select player 4's character for player 3. Pick any characters for players 1 and 2. 4. Put the number of players to 2 and put player 3's guy for player 2. Select anyone for player 1. 5. Put it back on four players and start the game. Players 2, 3 and four will be the same.

.44 Cougar Magnum

Sent in by Viphrin By beating the game in the easy difficulty level, you're rewarded with a devastating .44 Cougar Magnum, a very powerful gun that kills opponents on the first shot.

Extra stages in multiplayer play

Sent in by Viphrin Beat the second Severnaya bunker, water cavern and military archive stages in agent mode and they will then be accessible for multiplayer play. Note: Only two to three people can play them, though. If you beat the game on the Egyptian level on the secret agent difficulty setting, this extra stage opens up for multiplayer use. If you beat the game on the 00 agent difficulty setting, the Egyptian extra stage opens up for Multiplayer use.

Be Xenia with four players

Sent in by Viphrin There is allready a trick posted stating how to be Xenia with 2 people in multiplayer using players 3 and 4, well the same trick works with player 2 and 3, making for 4. (For having all Travelan)...Just select two player mode, have player two select Trevlyan as his player, then switch it to three player mode. I figure that the trick works because of the autoselect feature for the characters (E.G. player 1 is bond, player 2 is Natalya, 3 is Trevlyan, and 4 is Xenia) well, because it automatically selects Trevlyan for player three two people have him selected, and the only reason it works is because they didn't write a routine in the code to check for character duping except in the character selection screen.

See another Natalya

Sent in by Viphrin This may not be "useful", but it's still fun! In the Statue Park (level 10) rescue Natalya from the plane, and quickly run to where the flight recorder would be after the plane explodes. When you get it, run to the gates where Natalya would be being held prisoner. As you run to the gate, you should see another Natalya running to the gate as you instructed her to do so.

Stop your shooting

Sent in by Viphrin This is an OK trick, but it is a trick, I don't know if is this is a glitch or something you can actually do. But when you are shooting any gun, mostly an automatic, you can hold down the change weapon button and the shooting will stop, if you release it, it starts shooting again.

Play one player with two Controllers

Sent in by Viphrin If you have 2 Controllers in, then you can do this trick, when playing a 1 player game, go to the screen with the controller on it. I think this is how you do it. If you press up for a while it will go to 2 controllers, and who different kinds of saved modes of button usage. Now you can play one player with two controllers. One for the shooting and moving, the other for strife and aiming.

Mine tip

Sent in by Viphrin In the facility, come out of the vent and blast all the guys in the bath room. When you exit the bathroom, open the door and look down the stairs. Launch a mine so that it lands somewhere between the bottom of the stairs and the brown door across from them (the one with the security computer inside the room). If they don't notice you, guards should pace back and forth down the hallway. When a guard walks EXACTLY on top of the mine, detonate the mine. If you placed the mine right and detonated it at the right time, the guard should go flying (farther than usual). The first time I did it, the guard flew off the ground and landed on the balcony next to me. The second time, he hit the ceiling above the balcony. I've also gotten the scientists to do full backflips in midair. If you're doing it wrong, the guards will only hit the wall or the low hallway ceiling, but if you're doing it right, you'll know. If you can't get it, keep trying- it looks really cool. I don't know why they fly so high in this one area, but they do. It might work in other places too.

Broken lock floating in mid-air

Sent in by Viphrin To do this glitch you must first put the Enemy Rockets Cheat on then go to the Arkangelesk Dam (Level 1) kill some enemies and grab their rockets, then head for the gate with a lock on it towards the end of the level get your rockets out and shoot one at the gate's lock and when the smoke clears there will be a broken lock floating in mid-air!

Shot guys through the door

Sent in by Viphrin You might already know that you can see guys through door. But did you know you can shot them! If a piece of body is showing you can aim and shot it. It will injure the enemy! This is good for when there are a lot of guys waiting for you to open the door.

Catch and throw knives forever

Sent in by Viphrin Go to an open stage in Goldeneye with throwing knives code on. Press down C and hold until you are looking straight up. Then tap top c twice so you will be lined up correctly and will throw the knives and they will land on you and you'll catch them. Then, arm the knives and start pressing fire over and over again, and you'll catch and throw knives forever.

Get stuck at the security gates

Sent in by Viphrin In the first level, when you open the security gates for the truck, if you walk too close to the car in front of it, it's possible to get stuck. The truck will then stop and trap you. You can still shoot and turn, but you can't move.

Rig all of the devices including guns and ammo

Sent in by Viphrin In multiplayer you can rig all the devices including guns and ammo. This can only be used with mines but is best used with proximate mines. Pick up a gun or ammo or mines. Remember where it was. Throw a mine on the ammo box or gun. If using proximate mines when the ammo or gun reappears your enemy will see it but hopefully not the mine and get blown to smithereens. This also works on Body Armor. And it blows up the body armor so the enemy or you can't pick it up for a couple of minutes.

Kneel with the sniper rifle

Sent in by Viphrin You can kneel with the sniper rifle even though when you press C down it zooms out. What you do is pick any weapon then kneel with that weapon, and while your still holding the R shoulder button, cycle until you get to the sniper rifle. Now your kneeling and using the scope on the rifle. What ever you do don't let go of the R button. When you do get the sniper rifle you can still zoom in and out and he won't get up. If you do let go of the R button and press it again he'll stand up. Enjoy being like a real sniper. This is most useful in the dam and surface1 levels.

Extra grenade launcher

Sent in by Viphrin In Jungle go through and beat Xenia. Get the RC P90 and grenade launcher. Get on the single grenade launcher push A and Z, then A in the middle of changing, release A, and hold Z until you shoot a grenade round from each grenade launcher, so it locks on two grenade launchers, but the weird thing is you only picked up one from Xenia, so just where did that second on come from?

Extra cinema scene

Sent in by Viphrin Go to the Depot and find the train, open the doors but DON'T shoot the guards. Just run in and it will show an extra cinema scene of Bond shooting the two guards with whatever weapon you had out.

Blow up remote mines without using the detonator

Sent in by Viphrin You can actually blow up remote mines without using the detonator. First, toss the mine as usual but instead of going to the detonator, watch, press A and B at the same time. The mine automatically blows up and you still stay on the mine weapons screen.

Float mines anywhere

Sent in by Viphrin This code allows you to float mines anywhere! First go to the bunker in battle mode, make sure you have remote mines as your weapon. Plant eight mines on the TVs that hang from the ceiling. After every TV has a mine on it go to the detonator and blow them all up. Now refill on mines and toss one. Nothing happens, but if you back up you will see a mine floating! You can plant mines anywhere in the Bunker after the code has been done.

Scientists trick

Sent in by Viphrin You already know that GoldenEye's scientists aren't too friendly when you shoot them (they pull a gun). But if you wait a bit and dodge their shots, you will eventually see them pull out a grenade and throw it at you.

Almost full ammo

Sent in by Viphrin On Archives, where you start out, there is the two guys and a white dresser on the other side. If you blow these dressers up, there is a bunch of ammo for your gun, almost full ammo!

Get the 2x RC-P90s on Cavern

Sent in by Viphrin To get the 2x RC-P90s on Cavern, you must go to the hallway with the 2 guns above you trying to shoot you, and behind you a bunch of guys will come to shoot you. One of the bad guys has 2 RC-P90's.

AC -10 explanation

Sent in by Viphrin For AC -10, I have an explanation. The "AC" comes from Armor Class, which is something to do with Role Playing Games and Dungeons & Dragons and stuff. Having a lower armor class meant you could take more hits without losing as much health. Armor Class -10 was the best and meant you were practically invulnerable. I think for Goldeneye, it's if you take the most shots without dieing or maybe if you just take lots of shots. (ie: players hit you in the arm/hand/leg or other places where you lose little health.)

Walk around without the tank shooting tank shells at you

Sent in by Viphrin This cheat works on both the Runway level and the Streets level. First put the infinite ammo cheat on. Go to the tank (at the streets its right there and at the runway you go out the big door and to the right), then get in the tank and go to the weapon right before the tank shells. Then press A and then B really quick. You can then walk around without the tank shooting unlimited tank shells out of your head!

Invisible mine

Sent in by Viphrin I have a trick with proximity mines that is deviously useful. When in multi-player mode, get some proximity mines and find a gun or ammo box. Quickly throw the mine on the object and grab it while running (you have a couple of seconds before the mine is active), if you look back you'll see that you can't see the mine, it's invisible!

Catch your opponent off guard

Sent in by Shaun This is a easy way to catch your opponent off guard. When you see a gun on the floor do not pick it up but instead throw a mine on it. When you pick up the gun the mine will disappear but will still be able to explode.

Mixed weapons tip

Sent in by RLPowell If your having trouble with the "mixed weapons" cheat, here's an easier and more customized cheat. First, you need a paired weapon and select it. (You only need 1 pair, not two, and make sure you have some ammo for each.) Next, press the fire button. When/if the weapon on the left fires, quickly press A and scroll to the other weapon. (You shouldn't see the other weapons) and quickly fire. The left weapon should stay. This takes a while and some practice but it's worth it for a little more choice in mixed weapons. The weapon switch can also seem some what random but don't be discouraged.

Water Caverns elevator trick

Sent in by Alex In the Water Caverns in Multiplayer, a good trick when you are using lasers is to lock yourself in the elevator and fire your Moonraker Laser out the door. It goes right through so if any person comes up to the door you just blow them away with your laser.

Box tricks

Sent in by Paul In the water caverns stage, go to the room with the radio and break the box in the left corner. If you have broken the right one, a smaller box will appear and another until two computers pop out. Blast them to get a pair of AR33 assault rifles. Sent in by Paul Another box trick, in the first surface stage this time. Shoot the box in the hut with the safe to make dozens of books appear.

Make the flag disappear

Sent in by Scott In Multiplayer flag tag you can make the flag disappear. Throw down anything explosive (mines), pick up the flag, and then blow yourself up. The flag will be gone and the other players will be stunned.


Sent in by Ryan First go to the Archives in multiplayer and be Oddjob. Then go to the basement full of those metal boxes and shoot one of them and make sure that the top is still on. Then duck down and face down (Up C Button) and Voila. You are invisible.

Fighting Jaws

Sent in by Viphrin If you have gotten the Aztec level, you probably know that you must confront Jaws in it. An easy way to kill him is to run around the corner and wait for him to chase you. kneel down behind the corner and as soon as he comes around it shoot his knees with an assault riffle while kneeling. He's so tall he doesn't even see you down there! He will die pretty quickly this way. Note: This is kind of an add-on to the floating mines cheat. There is a way to not only float mines, but different ammo, too. First, turn on all guns (invincibility if you have it because there will be a lot of explosions) and go to the bunker (it doesn't matter which one, just not multiplayer). Now plant mines on four of the eight monitors hanging from the ceiling in the main operation room, and detonate them. Now, as you know, whenever you release any type of mine, it will float in mid-air. But now try throwing knives and hand grenades! Now try shooting grenades with the launcher and shooting rockets with the tanks and the launcher. As you notice, they can all float. If you shoot a floating grenade or rocket, it will blow up and may cause a chain reaction.
Sent in by Ryan You can kill Jaws without sniping him. First kill the guards close to him by sniping them. Then come up to Jaws and put away your weapon and Slap Jaws to Death. This is better than shooting him because you are close to him and he can't get a good shot out of you. Also because it could penetrate the armor he is wearing (works in multiplayer).
Sent in by Marsh In the Aztec temple level, instead of killing Jaws with bullets, kill all the guards around him in the room and then attack him with your fists. If you do it right you shouldn't take any damage.

Gas leek detected you

Sent in by Justin Garret Kietzman On Level 2 Chemical Weapons Facility, when you get to the room with two remotely locked doors, open the right one and go in. Be careful not to shoot the scientists, if you go under the farthest hangover there should be some canisters. If you set a bomb on them and get out of the room then detonate it, it will say on the top of the screen "gas leek detected you" and you will die.

Easy way to kill Xinia on the Jungle level

Sent in by Robert Williams Here is a easy way to kill Xinia on the Jungle level. When Xina appears run to the bridge and place a few mines. When she gets to where they are detonate them. She will still be alive but it will only take a few more shots to kill her.

Weapon glitch

Sent in by Kevin Here's a glitch I found when messing around on the Frigate with infinite ammo on and 2x grenade launchers, 2x rocket launchers, 2x throwing knives. If you switch to the tracking bugs and just start throwing them everywhere after awhile you can't throw anymore of them (even though you should have infinite of them). Now if you switch to grenade launchers and fire a couple off and no grenades came out then the glitch worked. If it didn't then go back to covert modems and throw some more until you can't. Try the grenade launchers again. Since there is so many covert modems everywhere you can't launch any grenades so it will only make the launching flare and no grenade. This will also work for the rocket launchers and throwing knives. Plus it will also work on the Dam (infinite covert modems), and Silo (infinite plastic bombs).

Multiplayer tip with grenades or mines

Sent in by James Bond If you are playing in multiplayer mode with grenades or mines, and your opponent has a grenade mine in his or her hand, just shoot it and they will die.

Hiding in Multiplayer

Sent in by Randy Goode In Multiplayer, in the complex there are 4 different places to hide and wait for somebody where they can't see you. In the main room on the top in one of the corners is a secret vent. In the room with the to ramps by the vent that you crawl in is another secret vent. In the room with the columns in the corner is the third secret vent. In the room with the red railing and a ram in the corner is the last secret vent.

Two or duel ar33 assault riffles

Sent in by Michael Witherell In the water caverns you could get two or duel ar33 assault riffles. All you have to do is go into the room with the radio to contact Jack Wade and with all the guys with rcp90's and go over on the right side of the room that I just told you about and shoot all the boxes one of the boxes contains another box and than another and another the little box contains two computers shoot both computers inside both of the computers are two assault riffles.


Sent in by Stryker In the Train level, there is an RC-P90! At the start, turn right and blow the boxes up to get it.

Same characters

Sent in by Robert Williams Start a multiplayer game on 4 players and select the character you want to multiplay as player four. Then set the number of players to 3 then go to the character select screen and select the person you want to multiplay as player 3. Then set the number of players to 2 then select the character you wanted to multiplay as players 3 and 4 as the character you want to multiplay as player 2. Then set the number of players to 4 and start players 2, 3, and 4 will all be the same character. You can also do this with a 3 player game following the same steps.

Throwing Knives

Sent in by Richard Jones To find Throwing Knives, use watch magnet attract over the pit outside your cell on the second bunker lv. You can pick them up again.

Mix guns

Sent in by Brian Brown If you get two pairs of guns in order when your switching guns you can mix them. Do these steps fairly quickly. 1. Press and hold the A button. 2. Press Z twice. 3. release the A button. 4. press A once. 5.while your guns are changing fire a couple shots. This keeps one of the guns there and switches the other one. Example, in the archives you can get a Distovei and Klobb at the same time.

Make remote mines float

Sent in by Quinn Lincoln Here is a way to make remote mines float. In the Battle zone go to Bunker and go to the place with the big black screen. Look up and you will see Computers hanging of the roof. Put remote mines on the Computers. Now blow them up. Now when you try to put a remote mine somewhere it will just float.
Sent in by Ryan Here's another way to float mines. It's not extremely helpful, but it works. Go to any level that has a table in it (ex. Facility, both of the Bunkers) and find a table. If you have played the game for a while, you will have noticed that if you shoot the area around the underside of the table, the table will act like you have shot it. Well, instead of shooting the space under the table, throw a mine on it. The mine will float like magic! This is more of a glitch than a hint, but like I said, it works.

33 hidden characters

Sent in by Andres Champion Almeida Beat the game on agent mode and a total of 33 characters become available in multiplayer mode. Here are the new ones: Mayday, Jaws, Oddjob (extremely short), Baron Samedi, Russian Soldier, Russian Infantry, 2 different scientists, Russian Commandant, Janus Marine, Naval Officer, Helicopter pilot, St. Petersburg, Guard, 4 different civilians, 2 Siberian Guards, Arctic Commando, Siberian special Forces, Jungle commando, Janus Special Forces, 2 Moonraker Elites.


Sent in by Andres Champion Almeida In multi-player mode set on three players go to the character selection screen and choose Xenia as player three. Exit, change the number of players to four and then start the game. Player three and four will both be Xenia.

Easy way to kill your enemies without wasting any ammo

Sent in by Matt Vatankhah Here is an easy way to kill your enemies without wasting any ammo! Okay first find your self an enemy but sneak up and don't let him here you. Then put your gun up and hit him with your hands. He will die with one hit and best of all no ammo will be wasted! It is a good strategy if you want to save your ammo for later.

See a video tape of Goldeneye the Movie

Sent in by Michael W. Brookhouser In Mission 5, Part 2: Bunker Complex, after you collect the CCTV, look at your watch and choose the CCTV. You will be able to see that it is a video tape of "GoldenEye" the Movie!

Shoot your enemies hat off

Sent in by Matt Here is a way to shoot your enemies hat off. First go up to an enemy (best thing is to sneak up) and get a silenced gun so enemies won't hear it. Then aim right at the top of the enemies hat and shoot. His hat will fly off but he will still be alive!

007 agent

Sent in by Seeker After you beat the game as a 00 agent, you will get the difficultly of 007 agent. You can also edit the game to whatever you like with the 007 agent difficultly.

Weapons and battle mode

Sent in by Code Hunter Hide weapons in battle mode by shooting then to the place you want them and they will always reappear at that same place.

Two shortcuts

Sent in by Kevin I have discovered two shortcuts in this level that can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to finish. The first shortcut is to place a single mine on the floor between the stairway and the security door which guards the first console. When done properly, this mine can kill four or five guards at once. The second shortcut is to bypass the second security console altogether. Then how do you get through the security door, you may ask? Well the answer to that is simple: you let the enemy guard open the door for you. Here is a comprehensive walk-through of the entire level: 1) Go through the men's room, ignoring all the guards in there. 2) Ready a remote mine, then descend the stairway 3/4 of the way. 3) From the stairway, aim the mine to the floor in the middle between the brown door and the base of the stairway. If it bounces, restart the level. This mine must stay on the floor. 4) Move counter clockwise toward the door underneath the stairway and ready the detonator. Detonate, open the door, and switch to the PP7. 5) Kill the guard and grab the key. 6) Go to the console room and open the security door. 7) Move counter clockwise toward the other security door. Duck if enemies are present.† Run through the locker room, ignoring the guards. 8) Open the door that leads to the long hallway with three guards. Run through their fire, and fire seven Hail Mary shots at them. At the end of the hallway, press 'open' and immediately strafe to avoid their fire. After you get through this door, do the same thing with the next door. 9) Take the left passage and kill the single moving guard with the PP7. 10) Now switch to the KF7 and kill the single stationary guard on the left side. 11) The noise of the KF7 will cause the guard standing behind the security door to open it. Wait for him to open it, then kill him with the KF7. 12) Climb up the stairs and kill the guard up there. Go through the hallway and kill every guard you see with the KF7. 13) Now you have reached the laboratories. Patiently open each door, one by one, killing every guard in sight. 14) If you have not found Dr. Doak after searching all the rooms, wait a few seconds, then restart. 15) Once you find Dr. Doak, head for the final security door. Press 'start', then use the door decoder. Press 'weapon change' to switch to the KF7, then cover your rear as the door opens. 16) Run down the stairs and switch to remote mine. 17) You have 4 mines left, not enough to destroy all the tanks. Put the mines on the inside of the gas tank formation. 18) Make sure Alec is away from the tanks. If he is not, try to lure him away. 19) Once he is away, move toward the exit and use the detonator. Switch to either the PP7 or the KF7 and finish off the remaining tank with a few shots. 20) When you see 'objective D completed', go through the exit. You should have plenty of extra time remaining.

Facility Cheat

Sent in by Chaz 1. Exit the air shaft and the bathroom as quickly as possible. Don't engage any soldiers. 2. As you run down the stair, switch weapons so your Remote Mines are selected. Plant one on a wooden crate outside the guard room where the remote door console is located. 3. Turn around and head towards the door underneath the stairs. As soon as you can, press A and B together to detonate the mine. 4. Switch to the Silenced PP7, open the door, shoot the guard, and get the Clearance Keycard and KF7 he'll drop. 5. Switch to the KF7, run to the guard room (which the Remote Mine explosion cleared for you), and trigger the remote door. You'll probably get a bit more ammo for your KF7 as you do this. 6. Head for the opened remote door, and keep running all the way to the hallway. Don't waste your time on any guards keep moving to avoid as much damage as possible, especially if you're waiting for a door to open. 7. As you run down the hallway, stick as much to the left or right as possible to let the beams absorb some of the guards' shots. Again, don't engage the guards, and keep running. 8. After you're through the set of two doors, turn left towards the lab. Here, take out any guards that are in front of you. 9. Before you reach the closed remote door, be sure to take out the guard hiding on the left. The sound from the shots will cause the guard on the other side of the door to open it. 10. Shoot that guard and head up the stairs. Switch your weapon to the Remote Mines. 11. Run down the passage and dodge to avoid as many shots as possible. Don't engage the guards. At the corner with the three rooms, look for Dr. Doak. Very Important Note: Dr. Doak's placement in this level is random. If he is not here, you will need to restart the level. You might have to do this many, many times. 12. As soon as Dr. Doak begins speaking to you, run towards the bottling room -- you don't need to stay with him. The Door Decoder will appear in your inventory automatically. 13. At the last turn before the bottling room, plant a Remote Mine next to the last set of guards. 14. Run past the guards, and set off the mine (press A and B) as you approach the door. Go to your inventory screen and use the Door Decoder to open the door. 15. Switch to your Remote Mines (you should have 3) and run down by the tanks. 006 will start talking to you. 16. Stand away from the tanks, and throw a mine between the first four tanks. Detonate it (A and B) in mid-air. You can avoid hurting 006 by tossing the mines high enough. 17. Move down to the next set of four undamaged tanks and repeat. 18. Move down to the last two tanks and repeat. 19. Open the door and exit the level.

Tips for the Multi-Player and Single Player Handicapped

Sent in by Charles H. Fratz Never go for into a battle without a weapon or ammo in any event unless forced to in the beginning of levels. When playing multi-player missions, always try to get the better weapon first. With the better weapon you will have the upper hand. And with the upper hand you have something else to consider. Camping. Camping is a term that means staying in one spot protecting either ammo or a special weapon only found in one spot. If you are to camp make sure you can't get beat or you find a good barrier or something to hide you from direct fire. Playing multi-player team up missions, find your partner right away and stick around with him. This is a good strategy to use, especially if your teammate and you have pretty bad weapons and a person on the other team is camping terribly. This way you can either double team him and keep taking health away until he dies and your partner or you then can camp and have a stronghold. Also if both of the opposing people are camping near something good, try splitting up and attacking from both sides. This will spread their defense and make them more vulnerable. In single player missions or multi-player missions, never walk straight into a battle. Most likely the enemy either has body armor or a better weapon and will kill you if there are more then 3. Don't just walk into a room in multi-player missions! Look carefully for any traps, such as mines, people above you with grenades, and rocket launching crazed maniacs in the same room. If your teammate is being totally killed because he has no weapon in multi-player team up missions then let him die. It is another point for the opposing team, but you can get back that point more easily if your partner has full health when camping at something good then when half dead but with a good weapon. In picking characters here are the rated characters to pick. Oddjob (Short, hard target) Janus Special Forces (All black clothing, good in dark level missions) Trevalyn (Black clothing, good for camouflage) James Bond (Black clothing, but try not to show your white shirt!) Try not to be an easy target, with or without a weapon and ammo. Most likely the person or computer your playing has better aim then you and will beat you in a one on one shoot out of any sort. Never underestimate your opponent. Even if you've beaten him 8 times in a row he'll always find a way to attack better or try to follow you and steal your strategies. Expect the unexpected. Especially in the last couple of levels in single and multi-player missions. Your opponent will always try to hide or run from your until he has matching ammo and weapon strength. Look at his screen every once in awhile to find out better where he is. This may even show you how much health he has. Also it may give you hints of where he might be going and you can see if you can beat him there and pump him full of lead or rockets! Confuse your opponent as much as you can. I personally have had times where a player I was playing didn't know what I was doing or where I was going and kept looking at my screen. If you find this is the case. Keep faking him out until he stops looking at your screen so that you can surprise him with something that's up your sleeve while you were running around. Distract your opponent in anyone way you can. Try shooting so it looks like it's coming from a different direction. Now you have the upper hand for about 3 seconds. And that 3 seconds can decide if you win a shootout or not.

Walkthrough for some levels

Sent in by Kevin Corrie NOTE: The walkthroughs are written to help with the 00 Agent difficulty. If you are playing a different difficulty, just exclude the 00 Agent parts. Mission 1: part 1, The Dam Objectives: A) Neutralize All Alarms B) Install Covert Modem C) Intercept Data Backup D) Bungee Jump From Platform Code: Paint Ball Mode, 2:40 on Secret Agent difficulty STEP 01) You don't need a code on this difficulty so you can take your time. Move through the stage killing the enemies until you come to a small house type make-up that is on your right. The truck parks near it so you'll know it positively. Take out the alarm near the gate and attach your Covet Modem to the computer screen on the opposite side of the hut. STEP 02) Enter through the next gate. It's locked so you'll need to shoot the lock off. Proceed through and blow up all of the alarms in the small out look-outs on top of the dam. When you've reached the last look-out enter into the dam. There are a lot of enemies down here so you'll need to use your KF7 Soviet or Sniper Rifle so you can hit the enemy at a safe distance. STEP 03) Proceed through the dam until you come to a metal door. Go in and peek around the left corner to take out the guards. There are about 5 to 7 in there. After the guards are gone, go to the large mainframe computers and press "B." Now head back out and through the first stairs you find. STEP 04) Turn right and keep running until you see a platform on your left. Get up on it and jump off if you did everything, you will have completed the mission. Get the Sniper Rifle and run out onto the docks and zoom the rifle as far as it will go. Out in the middle of the lake somewhere, you'll see a white bunker. Originally Rare was going to have Bond ride a boat out to this place but they dropped it at the end. I wonder what's out there..... Mission I: Part II, The Facility Objectives: A) Gain Entry to the Labs B) Contact Double Agent C) Rendezvous with 006 D) Destroy Tanks in the Bottling Room E) Minimize Scientist Casualties Code: Invincibility, 2:05 on 00 Agent Difficulty STEP 01) You need to be fast because there is a code on this difficulty. If you aren't after the code, take everything at an easier pace. OK, run out of the vents and down the stairs. Ignore all guards. Just shoot to stall the enemies. Don't go for the kill, it's slower. STEP 02) Make a U-turn to the left and go in the single door. Blow away the guard and get the Key Card B. Now turn around and run into the room with the computer and activate it. Get out and run down the hall and turn left and go through the doors. Shut them behind you so you don't have any unwanted visitors and make sure you have your mines out. STEP 03) Go to the locker room door and open it. Throw in a mine and shut the door. Detonate the mine and open the door then shut it. Run down the hall and open then shut the next doors. STEP 04) Get out your KF7 Soviet (you should have gotten one in the previous hall) and blast the remote door on the left. The guard on the other side will open it. Run in and up the stairs. Shoot only who gets in your way! STEP 05) In the labs, double agent Doak can be in three places: The lab on the left, the small corner at the end on the right, or the far lab. If he isn't here you need to start over. Too much time is used up going back plus, remember your little friends behind you? If he is here, wait for the words "Time to leave, Dr. Doak," then run to the locked door. You'll still get the Door Decoder if you aren't near him. When you get it, open the door and go in. Don't worry, the guards won't follow you. STEP 06) Place the mines as shown in Figure 1 (below) and run to the conveyor belt past the door and get on it. Wait for 006 to clear the blast range, detonate your mines then get out of there! You'll need to be fast and lucky to get this code. It will take A LOT of tries to get it but you'll get it. There is just two things to know: memorize where the enemies are so you are prepared and get to Dr. Doak as fast a possible. Figure 1 ______________________BACK_WALL______________________ _______________ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ | | | | | | | | | | \_X_/ \_X_/ \_X_/ \___/ X___/ _______________ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ | | | | | | | | | | \___/ \___/ \___/ \___/ \___/ ____ TO COVEYOR BELTFROM STAIRS /(---------- | \/ Place your first mine on the inside corner of the tank so the blast gets the first four tanks. Place the rest on the last three so they blow up the tank in front too. **** This codes seems impossible at first but it'll get easier. Just to prove it can be done, I can use this method and complete the mission in 1:39! As far as I know, it's the best time in the world. Nintendo's best is 1:41. ****
Sent in by Michael McCoy MISSION 6: St. Petersburg PART I: Statue Park All difficulty levels Primary Objectives: 1. Contact Valentine: easy, medium, hard 2. Confront and unmask Janus: easy, medium, hard 3. Locate helicopter: easy, medium, hard 4. Rescue Natalya: easy, medium, hard 5. Find flight recorder: easy, medium, hard Weapons and gadgets: pp7, KF7 Soviet, automatic shotgun, flight recorder. This is a straightforward mission, obstructed by bizarre, Russian constructs, 3D shapes, and the remnant shards of the collapsing communist union. Mission objectives in three the difficulty levels don't differ, except that your life meter runs down faster and bullets that hit you do more damage. Turn around and check out the gate. This is where you'll end up at the end of the mission. Turn around and walk into the park, eliminating about four military personnel along the way and picking up a trusty KF7 Soviet. Stay left, pass by a gold star (which you need to remember to get back safely), and under two constructs that appear to be arches. You'll approach a set of pillars and a group of red, blocky letters on your right that read PCCC. Keep going to the left. Soldiers will leap out from nowhere throughout the level, but relatively few of them are necessary to kill -- that is, once you become familiar with the markers and shape of the park. Within about a minute or so, you'll see a red box-shaped thing on your right it looks like a shed or an 18 wheeler cargo freight. Enter it to meet Valentin. Now enemies will attempt to kill you while you speak with him. He'll tell you about Janus, and how you need to meet him at Lenin's statue, how Janus is a Leintz traitor, and then he'll walk away. The real trick is to get to Lenin's statue. From the shed, it's extremely easy to get lost, so watch for sign posts. Looking out of the shed, turn about 10 degrees right. The first sign is a bright white post directly ahead of you. Go to it, and then proceed along the red fence on your right side. Along this venture you'll be greeted by soldiers, and even on the medium level, they're pretty bad shots. The next sign post appears to your left. It's a shiny hammer and sickle, that great Communist symbol. Stay to your right or you'll end up in a cul de sac with a tool shed. Remember, keep along the red fence. To get a handy vest of body armor, look just past the hammer and sickle at an odd-ball group of shapes in front of you. On the left is the back side of a giant hand, and just beyond is another golden hammer and sickle. Walk between the hand and the wall to its right (where you'll find the narrow entrance) to retrieve it. Come out, make a 180 turn, and continue the same way you were walking before picking up the armor. You'll reach Lenin's statue in about 10-20 seconds, switching back and forth through the obstacles (the best strategy is to stay nearest the middle, avoiding the side paths). Walk around the statue once and face the path you just traversed. Make sure to go through the weapon selection so that no weapons appears. That's right, you want to meet Janus empty handed. In addition, don't walk to close you Janus, or he'll flee (wuss). Janus turns out to be Trevelyan, your old secret agent associate whom you believed dead in the dam incident. The game follows the movie to a T here. Trevelyan will talk about how everyone else is a Leintz traitor, and deliver a message about Natalya: she's at the helicopter, and you only have three minutes to get there. Doh! You may get a little damaged here, but it's possible not to with a bucket load of strafing and running. But first, don't fret, the four henchmen with automatic shotguns aimed at you are not that big of a deal. Really. Pick them off however you want, left to right, right to left. What really matters is that you pick up their guns, five-cartridge shotguns that pack a mean punch. The KF7 is just as effective to get out, possibly more effective, but the shotgun is more fun. These henchmen are pretty much the only opposition between you and the copter now, and instead of just military guys rolling out of the woodwork to kill you, these dudes will, too. Kill them off fast. Now to get back. Weave through the constructs until you see the gold hammer and sickle, and then aim a fraction to the left. Once you see the white pillar again (the red fence now should be on your left), aim down the slope so that you can see the red shed where you spoke with Valentin. Make sure it's to your right as pass it. Now you must retrace your steps. Keep running until you see a block structure, which you'll go under. The next set of landmarks are a tall, white pillar on the left and a short, squat pillar on the right. Hey, and remember those crazy red, 3D letters? They'll show up just after those pillars. A white hammer and sickle will appear on your left, so turn slightly to the right and you'll see a red star and a white shed, the next land marks: run between them, then under several constructs. Now you'll see a path beginning -- it'll lead you back to where you started, and just beyond that is the helicopter and Natalya. Natalya is lying on the ground to the right of the helicopter. Run up to her and as soon as she begins talking, check the bomb detonation time, and walk toward the gates. She'll follow you. Now there's just one last step. You must retrieve the flight recorder, which blew out of the helicopter somewhere in the park. You can leave Natalya at the gates. The recorder is bright yellow (and sometimes red) and appears in different spots on the path depending on what level you're on. The easier the level, the closer it is. In the easy mission, the recorder is resting at the bottom of the hill from the helicopter in medium, it's farther along, and hiding just beneath a high red construct on the path, in hard, there are more soldiers and it's slightly harder to find. If you go too far, a message will appear indicating that the tape couldn't have been thrown that far. If so, walk back up the hill to find it. After you retrieve it, hike back to get Natalya, who's been taken hostage again. Stow your gun (like when you met Trevelyan) and walk through the gate when they ask you to. Mission accomplished.
Sent in by Code Hunter

Walkthrough for Level 2

The first thing you need is a stop-watch. This will keep you aware of how much time you've spent, if you're on the proper pace, and how much time you have left. From where you start the level, work your way through the vents, into the bathroom, out the doors and down the steps as fast as you possibly can. Now go to the door underneath the stairs. Open it and kill the guy standing right there. You should be using your PP7. You won't switch to the Soviet KF7 till later in the level. Now pick up the key card the guy drops. Run to the door that the key card opens (the one that leads to the security door control panel). Open the door, try to shoot the guy standing directly in front of the panel, but it's not a priority. Run inside, activate the control panel, then back-up out of the room. The control panel is slightly to the right, so try to strafe a step or two to the left or you'll get hung up on the wall as you back out. Now run down the hallway toward the boxes. There will be two guys standing and maybe shooting at you. Shoot back as you run down the hallway. Your goal is not to kill, just to keep them from hitting you. As fast as you can, open the door that leads to the now open security door. You need to make it to this point only getting hit once or twice. It is possible to not get hit at all. Here is a tricky part. As you run through the security door and past the two guys standing by the locker, scroll through your weapons till you are on your mines. Open the door that leads to the long hallway with the three guys. Throw a mine in the hallway, strafe left into a corner (while strafing switch to detonator), and then blow the mine. As the explosion in the hallway occurs, try to wait it out. This is difficult to do because you'll probably be getting shot in the back. When it is safe, proceed into the hallway, down it and into the small room with the two doors. Enter it, turn around, and close the door behind you. You'll need about 4 or 5 bars of health left to have a shot. Switch back to your PP7. Enter the next room and go around the far left hallway. There will be a guy walking, kill him. Now switch to your KF7. Shoot a guy in a corner. This will cause a guy on the other side of the security door to open it. Shoot him and run inside. Now work your way up the steps, through the hallways, and to the area with the three glass rooms with scientists. There will be guys in the hallway. As always, your main goal is not to get hit. Killing them is the easiest way to accomplish that. Once you reach the area with the three glass rooms with scientists, your watch needs to be around 1:25-1:30. Now you need to hope to be lucky. Dr. Doak randomly appears in 1 of 4 locations in the level. You need to hope that this is the area he is in. If not, well, you might as well start the level over. He is in either the largest glass room or the medium size room directly across from the large room. If you are fortunate enough to have him be there, walk up to him. As soon as Bond says, "Time to leave, Dr. Doak," turn and run towards the bottling room. Even if you get a million miles away, you still complete the objective and get the bottling room door decoder. Once at the bottling room door, hit start and select the door decoder, open up the door with the decoder, hit A to switch back to your KF7 and turn and cover your backside while the door opens. Odds are a few guys will come. You'll only have a hit or two left, so get inside the bottling room as fast as you can. Get down the steps and to the tanks quickly. With your four remaining mines, work down the tanks. You will blow them up with four mines 9 times out of 10. Once the mines are set, run into the corner of the room by the blue conveyor exit. Duck and wait. You HAVE to wait for 006 to clear the tanks before you detonate. Detonate once you see that: a) Agent 006 is safely away from the tanks, b) Your time is all but up, and C) You only can take 1 hit. Detonate the tanks, hop on the conveyor belt and get the hell out of there. Here are common things to watch out for: 1) Having the security door panel blow up in your face. 2) Throwing the mine either too far behind or ahead of the three guys. 3) Setting the mine and having it not detonate. 4) Running out of ammo. 5) Dr. Doak not being there. 6) Blowing up 006. 7) Running out of health. 8) It takes about 6 hours to do it.

Goldeneye 007 GameShark Codes

80024302 0001 Master Control Menu 8035745E FFFF Sunglasses Mode 8002CE48 0001 Enemies unable to be killed by anything but explosives 8002A8F7 0016 Statue Multiplayer Level 8002A8F7 0029 Cradle Multiplayer Level 880CD3D3 000C GM AR131 Assault Rifle in Caverns (Select AR33 and hit GS button) 880CD3D3 0009 GM AP131 Assault Pistol in Caverns (Select PP7 and hit GS Button) 880D37D3 0016 Soviet Laser in Dam (Select KF7 Soviet and hit GS button) 800213C1 00A4 Light Shine 80051D91 0001 Shrink Enemies 80051D91 FFFF Enlarge Enemies 80030980 FFFF Level Override 80053721 0001 Enemies Confused 80052A68 FFFF Enemies Go Mad 80052AA4 0030 Zero Gavity Weapons and Items when shot 80052AA4 00C0 Negitive Gravity Weapons and Items when shot 80051D21 0001 Bouncing Enemies 80051D21 FFFF Enemies Feet in Ground 800214CF 7B18 Maximum Visibility, see far 800214CF 000A Minimum Visibility, see squat 80021882 0030 Semi-X-Ray Vision 800214E2 0006 Multi Color Changing Walls 800213CF FFFF Missing Pieces 80091182 8AEF Incredibly Deep Hole in Dam 80091181 8AEF Flashing in a Few Places 80091283 FFEF Weird Bumble Bee Thing at the Begining of Dam 80021415 CCCC See Through Ground 80022056 0008 Colorful Polygons in Your Face 80022F76 0008 Music Weird 8002209F 0008 Awesome Intro 80021A56 00FF Walls are Alive 80036447 0001 Exploding Bond. When you start the game you'll here a big boom during the cinematics. When you the camera approaches Bond will be on fire. It would be wise to turn on Invincible. 800xxxDD DDDD Flamethrower Replace xxx with: D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, 1st Surface, and Depot B43 1st Bunker, and Silo C6F Frigate E63 2nd Surface B43 2nd Bunker C5B Statue Park CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, and Egyptian Temple C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec 800xxxCA 01F9 Colorful Graffiti Guns 800xxxBA 01F9 Replace xxx with: D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, 1st Surface, Depot B43 1st Bunker, Silo C6F Frigate E63 2nd Surface B43 2nd Bunker C5B Statue CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, and Egyptian D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec 8002AC91 00XX Change Bunker's Name* Replace XX with: AF Citadel BF Natalya CF Alan DF Sally EF General FF Janus Special Forces 0F President 1F Cheat Options 2F 10 Minutes 3F Veteran 4F Level: 5F M Briefing 6F Limb Hits 7F Kirghizstan 8F Control 9F Complex AA Water Caverns * There are many more numbers you can use for XX. Put random numbers in for XX and go to level select screen. The name of the 1st Bunker should be changed to something else. 8002A### 00?? Rename any level Replace ### With the following CO5 Dam C21 Facility C3D Runway C75 Surface #1 C91 Bunker #1 CCB Silo D01 Frigate D39 Surface #2 D55 Bunker #2 D8F Statue DAB Archives DC5 Streets DE1 Depot DFD Train E35 Jungle E53 Control E6F Caverns E8B Cradle EC3 Aztec EFB Egypt Replace ?? with the following 00 hour 01 minute 02 second 03 s 04 START 05 NEXT 06 PREVIOUS 07 TWYCROSS BOARD OF GAME CLASSIFICATION 08 This is to certify 09 (c) 1997 Nintendo/Rare 0A (c) 1962, 1995 Danjaq & LLC. 0B U.A.C. All Rights Reserved 0C (c) 1997 Eon Productions 0D Ltd. & Mac B. Inc 0E Suitable only for 1-4 persons 0F PRESIDENT 10 VICE 11 James Bond theme by Monty Norman 12 Used by permission of EMI Unart Catalog Inc. 13 Agent 14 Secret Agent 15 00 Agent 16 007 17 Erase file? 18 cancel 19 confirm 1A Mission 1B Copy 1C Erase 1D SELECT MISSION 1E MULTIPLAYER 1F CHEAT OPTIONS 20 James Bond 21 Mission 22 Part 23 DIFFICULTY 24 Agent 25 Secret Agent 26 00 Agent 27 007 28 SPECIAL OPTIONS: 29 Enemy reaction speed 2A Enemy health 2B Enemy damage 2C Enemy Accuracy 2D Unlimited 2E 5 minutes 2F 10 minutes 30 20 minutes 31 First to 5 points 32 First to 10 points 33 First to 20 points 34 Last person alive wins 35 Normal 36 You Only Live Twice 37 The Living Daylights [Flag Tag] 38 The Man With The Golden Gun 39 License to Kill 3A Team: 2 vs 2 3B Team: 3 vs 1 3C Team: 2 vs 1 3D Health -10 3E Health -4 3F Health -3 40 Health -2 41 Health -1 42 Health +0 43 Health +1 44 Health +2 45 Health +3 46 Health +4 47 Health +10 48 Sight OFF, Auto Aim OFF 49 Sight ON, Auto Aim OFF 4A Sight OFF, Auto Aim ON 4B Sight ON, Auto Aim ON 4C MULTIPLAYER OPTIONS 4D Players 4E Scenario 4F Level 50 Game Length 51 Weapons 52 Characters 53 Health 54 Aim 55 Select Character 56 Select Handicap 57 SCENARIO 58 Select Teams 59 Red Team 5A Blue Team 5B Completed 5C FAILED 5D PRIMARY OBJECTIVES 5E BACKGROUND 5F M BRIEFING 60 Q BRANCH 61 MONEYPENNY 62 REPORT 63 Mission status 64 KILLED IN ACTION 65 ABORTED 66 Completed 67 FAILED 68 STATISTICS 69 Time: 6A Accuracy 6B Weapon of choice 6C Shot total 6D Head hits 6E Body hits 6F Limb hits 70 Others 71 Kill total 72 CHEAT OPTIONS 73 ON 74 OFF 75 CHEAT SELECT MISSION 76 NO CONTROLLER IN CONTROLLER SOCKET 77 PLEASE POWER OFF AND ATTACH A CONTROLLER 78 Arkangelsk 79 Dam 7A Facility 7B Runway 7C Severnaya 7D Surface 7E Bunker 7F Kirghizstan 80 Launch Silo #4 81 Silo 82 Monte Carlo 83 Frigate 84 St. Petersburg 85 Statue Park 86 Statue 87 Military Archives 88 Archives 89 Streets 8A Depot 8B Train 8C Cuba 8D Jungle 8E Control Center 8F Control 90 Water Caverns 91 Caverns 92 Antenna Cradle 93 Cradle 94 Teotihuaca'n 95 Aztec Complex 96 Aztec 97 el-Saghira 98 Egyptian Temple 99 Egyptian 9A Random 9B RANDOM 9C Temple 9D TEMPLE 9E Complex 9F COMPLEX A0 Library A1 LIBRARY A2 Caves A3 CAVES A4 Facility A5 FACILITY A6 Severnaya Bunker A7 BUNKER A8 Military Archives A9 ARCHIVES AA Water Caverns AB CAVERNS AC Egyptian Temple AD EGYPTIAN AE Citadel AF CITADEL B0 dest B1 dest B2 stat B3 stat B4 crad B5 cradle B6 azt B7 azt B8 Bond B9 Mishkin BA Boris BB Ourumov BC Trevelyan BD Valentin BE Xenia BF Natalya C0 Baron Samedi C1 Jaws C2 Mayday C3 Oddjob C4 Rosika C5 Karl C6 Martin C7 Mark C8 Dave C9 Duncan CA B CB Steve E CC Grant CD Graeme CE Ken CF Alan D0 Pete D1 Shaun D2 Dwayne D3 Des D4 Chris D5 Lee D6 Neil D7 Jim D8 Robin D9 Steve H DA Terrorist DB Biker DC Joel DD Scott DE Joe DF Sally E0 Marion E1 Mandy E2 Vivien E3 [Blank Space] E4 The Actors E5 Starring E6 Also Featuring E7 Guest Star E8 007 E9 James Bond EA Natalya Simonova EB 006 EC Alec Trevelyan ED Janus Operative EE Xenia Onatopp EF General F0 Arkady Ourumov F1 Boris Grishenko F2 Ex KGB Agent F3 Valetin Zukovsky F4 Defense Minister F5 Dimitri Mishkin F6 Mayday F7 Jaws F8 Oddjob F9 Baron Samedi FA Jungle Commando FB St. Petersburg Guard FC Russian Infantry FD Russian Soldier FE Janus Marine FF Janus Special Forces 00 Russian Commandant 01 Naval Officer 02 Siberian Guard 03 Artic Commando 04 Siberian Special Forces 05 Moonraker Elite 06 Helicopter Pilot 07 Scientist 08 Civilian 09 1. 0A 2. 0B 3. 0C 4. 0D Basement 0E BASEMENT 0F Stack 10 STACK 11 Best Time: 12 Target: 13 New Cheat Available 14 CHEAT MULTIPLAYER 15 1.1 Honey 16 1.2 Solitaire 17 1.3 Kissy 18 1.4 Goodnight 19 2.1 Plenty 1A 2.2 Galore 1B 2.3 Domino 1C 2.4 Goodhead 1D Select Control Style 1E Control Style 802AE670 0000 New Text For Ammo On Pick-Up 1 802AE671 0000 802AE672 0000 802AE673 0000 802AE674 006C 802AE675 0061 802AE676 0064 802AE677 0069 802AE678 0065 802AE679 0073 800B6CCC CCCC You hold your guns sideways in Facility 800AA639 0015 Colorful Characters in Multi 800B6BCA 01F9 Golden Knives [only in facility] 800B6BBA 01F9 80024337 00xx Music Modifier With this code, you will have the music of the description playing throughout the game. Replace xx with: 01 Death Music Theme 1 02 Goldeneye Theme Song 03 Train 04 Depot 05 Multiplayer Theme 1 06 Multiplayer Theme 2 07 Facility 08 Control 09 Dam 10 Bunker 2 11 Statue 12 Elevator Music (except caverns) 13 Cradle 14 No Music. Sound Effects only. 15 Elevator Music (caverns only) 16 Egypt 17 Main Menu Theme 18 The music you hear when you look into your wrist watch. 19 Aztec 20 Softer music version of Depot 21 Multiplayer Theme 3 22 Multiplayer Theme 4 23 Multiplayer Theme 5 24 Multiplayer Theme 6 25 Multiplayer Theme 7 26 Faster Music version of Silo 27 Sound effects only 28 Multiplayer Theme 8 29 Faster Bunker music 30 The theme before you kill Trevelyen in the Cradle. 31 Music when you beat the Cradle (where Natalya and James are kissing and the credits scroll across the screen) 32 Runway 33 Multiplayer Theme 9 34 Surface 2 35 Wind Blowing (sound effect form Surface 2) 36 Death Theme 2 37 Jungle 38 Multiplayer Theme 10 39 Surface 1 0A Frigate 0B Archives 0C Silo 0D Multiplayer Theme 11 0E Streets 0F Bunker 1 1A Caverns 2A Alarm Music Theme at the end of Bunker 2 (after Natalya activates that computer.) 3A Death Theme 3 1B Death Theme 4 2B Jungle 3B Multiplayer Theme 12 1C Surface 2 2C Opening Theme 3C Theme when you beat Surface 2. (Cartoon at the end when the guards surround you.) 1D Train 2D Statue 1E Sound Effects Only 2E Aztec when the Space Shuttle starts to count down. 3E Part of Theme from Frigate 1F Facility 2F Egypt 40-43 Sound Effects 880xxxD3 0023 Shoot Grenades Rounds From Different Weapons! This code lets you fire grenade rounds from your gun! Be sure to set the default as "Button". This code works best with the All Guns and Infinite Ammo cheats on. Now select a gun, or knife, or anything that you want. Press the GS button and the gun will transform(With 2x weapons, the gun on the right). Now fire, and it will act like your firing a grenade launcher! When you select a hand grenade and press the GS button, there will be a hand grenade blocking your view. Replace xxx with: D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, 1st Surface, and Depot B43 1st Bunker, Silo C6F Frigate E63 2nd Surface B43 2nd Bunker C5B Statue Park CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, and Egyptian Temple D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec 8002B433 003C The Special Forces Team 8002B431 0013 8002B42F 000F 8002B42D 00DA 8002B42E 0001 8002B1FE 0045 8002B1F1 0001 8002B1EF 000F 8002B1ED 00EF 8002B1EE 0001 800C83D3 000F 800C877B 000E 800CAE53 0011 800CB1FB 000B To use the Special Forces multi-player team, player 1 must select Terrorist and player 2 must select Mishkin, which has been changed to General. You must select the Facility as the level. When you start the game, player 1 will have a regular shotgun and an RC-P90, and player 2 will have a sniper rifle and a D5K (Silenced). 880xxxD3 00?? Customize Your Own Weapon! Replace xxx with the level you want your weapon in. Replace ?? with the type of bullets to come out of your weapon. When your in the level, select the weapon you want to be the body of the weapon, press the GS button and your gun is ready! Replace xxx With: D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, 1st Surface, and Depot B43 1st Bunker, Silo C6F Frigate E63 2nd Surface B43 2nd Bunker C5B Statue Park CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, and Egyptian Temple D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec Replace ?? With: 00 Unarmed 01 Karate Chop 02 Hunting Knife 03 Throwing Knife 04 PP7 05 PP7 (Silenced) 06 DD4 Destroyer 07 Klobb 08 KF7 Soviet 09 ZMG 9MM 0A DK5 Deutche 0B DK5 Deutche (silenced) 0C Phantom 0D Assault Rifle 0E RC P90 0F Shotgun 10 Auto Shotgun 11 Sniper Rifle 12 Cougar Magnum 13 Golden Gun 14 Silver PP7 15 Gold PP7 16 Laser 17 Laser Watch 18 Grenade Launcher 19 Rocket Launcher 1A Hand Grenades 1B Timed Mines 1C Proximity Mines 1D Remote Mines 1E Detonator-Remote Mines 1F Taser 20 Tank Gun 21 Exploding Briefcase 22 Plastique 23 Fast Exploding Grenades 24 Fast Exploding Grenades 25 Unarmed 26 TV Controller 27 Bomb Difuser 28 Regular Camera 29 Unarmed 2B Unarmed 2C Picked up Hand Grenades+ Throwing Knife+ Sniper Rifle 2D Unarmed 2E Key Analyzer 2F Covert Modem 30 Security Camera 37 Grenade 3C Watch Magnet 3D Goldeneye Key 3E Helicopter Flight Recorder 3F Circuit Board 40 Casualty List For Severnaya 41 Folder 42 Red Folder 45 Helicopter Blueprints 46 Bunker Blueprints 47 DAT 48 Surveillance Video Tape 49 Another DAT 55 Shoot With The N64 Controller 52 Key For Airplane A002B19F 00xx Secret Characters A002B19D 00xx Replace xx with: 3C-11 Noob Saibot in Janus Marine Suit 2D-18 Home Alone Guy in Jungle Suit 2A-18 Titanic Guy in Jungle Suit 2B-18 Mustache Guy in Jungle Suit 2C-18 Pee-Wee Herman in Jungle Suit 2E-18 Big Chin Guy in Jungle Suit 2F-18 Red Hair Guy in Jungle Suit 30-11 Janus Marine 3A-11 Red Hair Guy in Janus Marine Suit 3B-11 Charles in Janus Marine Suit 3D-11 Biker in Janus Marine Suit 3E-11 Bald Guy in Janus Marine Suit 3F-11 Soap Opera Guy in Janus Marine Suit 4A-11 George Clooney in Janus Marine Suit 39-17 David Letterman 0A-13 Floating Valentin 0A-02 Floating Valentin #2 3C-00 Noob Saibot in Jungle Enemy Suit 3C-01 Noob Saibot in St. Petersburg Guard Suit 3C-02 Noob Saibot in Russian Soldier Suit 3C-14 Noob Saibot in Russian Soldier Suit #2 3C-03 Noob Saibot in Russian Commandant Suit 3C-12 Noob Saibot in Russian Infantry Suit 3C-13 Noob Saibot in Mishkin's Suit 3C-17 Noob Saibot in Blue Tuxedo 3C-26 Noob Saibot in Artic Commando Suit 3C-28 Noob Saibot in Woman Moonraker Elite Suit 3C-05 Snake Eyes in Tuxedo 3C-16 Snake Eyes in a Cool Suit 3C-19 Snake Eyes in a Snowsuit 3C-20 Snake Eyes in a Red Shirt 3C-21 Snake Eyes in a Blue Vest 3C-22 Snake Eyes in Plaid 3C-23 Snake Eyes in White Shirt 3C-25 Snake Eyes in a Brown Suit 3C-27 Snake Eyes in Moonraker Elite Suit 880xxxFF 000A GM10 Special Issue 880xxxD3 0006 With this code, you can have the GM10 Special Issue (not really a true name) that has a 10 round clip, useful for getting into areas with a lot of enemies. It requires a PP7, and if you don't have one, you will probably have a silenced PP7, which you could substitute for the PP7. But when you use up all of the magazine, you'll have to hit the GS button again for a full 10 round clip. You will also have to select the level you want to have the GM10 with. Replace xxx with: D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, 1st Surface, and Depot B43 1st Bunker, Silo C6F Frigate E63 2nd Surface B43 2nd Bunker C5B Statue Park CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, and Egyptian Temple D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec 7702B1A7 00xx Player Select Picture Modifier With Natalya Replace xx with: 00 Pierce Brosnan 01 Roger Moore 02 Timothy Dalton 03 Sean Conery 04 Boris 05 Ouromov 06 Trevelyan 07 Valentin 08 Xenia 09 Natalya 10 Mission Select Pic 11 Mission Select Pic 12 Mission Select Pic 13 Mission Select Pic 0A Baron Samedi 0B Jaws 0C Mayday 0D Oddjob 0E Question Mark Head 0F Mishkin 800xxxFD 0001 Bottomless Magazine For Every Gun! 800xxxFF 0001 First you have to have two controllers, then go into the controls in the watch and switch it to domino. Use the second controller to use the weapon. With this code, you can shoot any gun continuously with out reloading! This code works best with All Guns. If you're working with 2x weapons, only the gun on the right will have a bottomless magazine. You need to specify the level you want to play this code in, by replacing the xxx with the following digits: D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, 1st Surface, and Depot B43 1st Bunker, Silo C6F Frigate E63 2nd Surface B43 2nd Bunker C5B Statue Park CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, and Egyptian Temple D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec 8102B522 000x More players in Multiplayer Mode, but with only two controllers plugged in. (Max 4 players) Replace x with: 2 2 players 3 3 players 4 4 players 8002A8FB 00xx Level Modifier Put in the xx digits for the level you want to beat, and select a level you can already beat normally. You must use the same difficulty level as the one you want to get the cheat for. It may say you failed mission objectives, but it should still come out okay. xx= 01 Dam 02 Facility 03 Runway 05 Surface 1 06 Bunker 1 08 Silo 0A Frigate 0C Surface 2 0D Bunker 2 0F Statue 12 Depot 13 Train 15 Jungle 16 Control 17 Caverns 18 Cradle 1A Aztec 1C Egypt 10 Archives 11 Streets 800yyyD300xx Weapon Modifier xx= 2E Key Analyzer 1F Hidden Tazer 0F Hidden Shotgun 2F Convert Modem 0E RC-P90 1E Watch Detonater 0D AR33 US Assault Rifle 1D Remote Mines 0C Phantom 1C Proximity Mines 0B D5K Deustche (Silenced) 1B Timed Mine 0A D5K Deustche 1A Grenade 09 ZMG 9MM 19 Rocket Laucher 08 KF7 Soviet 18 Grenade Launcher 07 Klobb 17 Watch Laser 06 DD44 Dostovei 16 Moonraker Laser 04 PP7 14 Silver PP7 03 Throwing Knife 13 Scarmanga's Golden Gun 02 Hunting Knife 12 Cougar Magnum 01 Unarmed 11 Sniper Rifle 10 Automatic Shotgun 15 Gold PP7 05 PP7 (Silenced) 28 Regular Camera 24 Fast-Exploding Grenades 23 Key Card 25 Key Card 29 Key Card 20 Tank Gun 21 Orumov's Exploding Briefcase 30 Hidden Security Camera 22 Plastique 27 Bomb Diffuser 26 TV Controller? 37 Key Card 3C Watch Magnet 3E Helicopter Flight Recorder 3D Goldeneye Key 3F Circuit Board 40 Casuality List For Severnaya 41 Folder 42 Red Folder 45 Helicopter Blueprints 46 Bunker Blueprints? 47 DAT? 48 Surveillance Video Tape 49 Another DAT? 55 Shoot With The N64 Controller 52 Key For Airplane? 57 Just Changes Your Bullets yyy= D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, Surface 1, Depot B43 Bunkers 1 And 2, Silo C6F Frigate E63 Surface 2 C5B Statue CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egypt D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control Center B07 Aztec


810D303C 3F80 Infinite Health 810D304E 0000 800D37FF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800D37E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800D37F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change


810B643C 3F80 Infinite Health 810B644E 0000 800B6BFF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800B6BE9 0020 Rapid Fire 800B6BF0 0011 Quick Weapon Change

Runway, Surface 1, Depot

810D943C 3F80 Infinite Health 810D944E 0000 800D9BFF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800D9BE9 0020 Rapid Fire 800D9BF0 0011 Quick Weapon Change

Bunker 1 + 2, Silo

810B3C3C 3F80 Infinite Health 10B3C4E 0000 800B43FF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800B43E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800B43F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change


810C683C 3F80 Infinite Health 810C684E 0000 800C6FFF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800C6FE9 0020 Rapid Fire 800C6FF0 0011 Quick Weapon Change

Surface 2

810E5C3C 3F80 Infinite Health 810E5C4E 0000 800E63FF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800E63E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800E63F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change


810C543C 3F80 Infinite Health 810C544E 0000 800C5BFF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800CB5E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800E63F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change

Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egypt

810CCC3C 3F80 Infinite Health 810CCC4E 0000 800CD3FF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800CD3E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800CD3F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change


810D6C3C 3F80 Infinite Health 810D6C4E 0000 800D73FF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800D73E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800D73F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change

Train, Jungle, Control

810C043C 3F80 Infinite Health 810C044E 0000 800C0BFF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800C0BE9 0020 Rapid Fire 800C0BF0 0011 Quick Weapon Change


810B003C 3F80 Infinite Health 810B004E 0000 800B07FF 0007 Infinite Ammo 800B07E9 0020 Rapid Fire 800B07F0 0011 Quick Weapon Change

Player 1 Multiplayer

810D943C 3F80 Caves Infinite Health 810D944E 0000 810C543C 3F80 Water Caverns Infinite Health 810C544E 0000 800C5DFF 0007 Water Caverns Infinite Ammo 800B9BFF 0007 Caves Infinite Ammo 800B07FF 0007 Military Archives Infinite Ammo 810CCC3C 3F80 Military Archives Infinite Health 810CCC4E 0000

Get Built In Cheats.... Must Have One Open

80069653 0001 All Guns 8006965A 0001 Bond Invisible 8006965C 0001 DK Mode 8006966C 0001 Enemy Rockets 8006966A 0001 Fast Animation 8006965B 0001 Infinite Ammo 80069652 0001 Invincible 80069657 0001 Line Mode 80069667 0001 No Radar (Multi) 8006965F 0001 Paintball Mode 8006966B 0001 Slow Animation 8006965E 0001 Tiny Bond 80069668 0001 Turbo Mode 8006966E 0001 2x Grenade Launchers 80069671 0001 2x Hunting Knives 80069672 0001 2x Laser 8006966F 0001 2x RC-P90 8006966D 0001 2x Rocket Launchers 80069670 0001 2x Throwing Knives 80069665 0001 Gold PP7 80069663 0001 Golden Gun 80069662 0001 Laser 80069661 0001 Magnum 80069664 0001 Silver PP7

Select NO NAME On The Cheat Options Screen

800696A1 0001 New Characters 80069658 0001 2x Health 80069659 0001 2x Armor 80069660 0001 10x Health 800696A4 0001 Maximum Ammo 80069666 0001 Multiplayer Invincibility 80069669 0001 Debug Mode 8006965D 0001 Extra Weapons

You have to put the codes in, then go to your cheat menu and select the codes labeled "NO NAME". Then start any level and as soon as it starts, exit and go back to your cheat menu and it will be there. With these codes, when you turn your game off and back on, the codes stay.

800696xx 0001 xx= 51 '64 Characters on Multi 73 Paintball 74 Invincible 75 DK Mode 76 2X Grenade Launcher 77 2X Rocket Launcher 78 Turbo mode 79 No radar (Multi) 7A Tiny Bond 7B 2X Throwing Knife 7C Fast Animation 7D Bond Invisible 7E Enemy Rockets 7F Slow Animation 80 Silver PP7 81 2X Hunting Knife 82 Infinite Ammo 83 2X RC-P90 84 Gold PP7 85 2X Lasers 86 All Guns

No Clipping Codes Directions

1) Enter the codes below, exactly as they are here, in the order they are listed. Only use one of the 3 no clipping codes at a time. And don't enter more than one no clipping code for more than one level, enter a code only for the level you are going to play! 2) Then, while you are in the level you put the codes in for, stand in any position in the game, then press the L & R top shoulder buttons together. Until you are transported farther away from your current position. Turn around until you see the area you were in, you will be able to see clearly only the area that you were last in, the rest will be transparent. Walk back to that area, and walk around its edges and shoot the enemies through the walls. You sometimes can't shoot through the wall but if you get close enough to where you gun barely sticks out the wall, then you can shoot the enemies there. Now to turn the no clipping mode off, you need to go back to where you press the L + R buttons together or at a position in the level that is at the same height off of the ground, this will re position yourself as on the ground level, then walk to the next place you want to use it and repeat this step! The only thing that stinks about this code, is that all the other rooms are transparent! Also, if you wish to use this on a room that has the same floor level for the most of the area, try climbing up the stairs a bit and press L + R, but, just remember that you have to be back at that same position on the stairs to turn the no clipping code off!! 3) A tip, when using this code, be sure to use the following code 80069669 0001 and go into the cheat menu and turn on the code that says NO NAME cheat, which is the DEBUG MODE code, it will tell you what room you are still in and it will show you your coordinates, this will make it easier for you to get back on ground level by remembering where you last were before by the coordinates! Also with this code, it will sometimes put you in a position of which you cant get out of, you will have to simply EXIT the level and start over!!

Have 4 Different Customized Players

8002B19F 00xx Player 1 8002B19D 00xx 8002B253 00xx Player 2 8002B251 00xx 8002B283 00xx Player3 8002B281 00xx 8002B223 00xx Player4 8002B221 00xx These codes allow you to play four different customizaed players in Multi-Player! The XXs represent where you would put your head and body. For the top code to work, the player who wants to be that must select Bond. Now, whoever wants to be the 2nd code from the top must select the 2nd scientist. For the third code from the top, the player must select the helicopter pilot for it to work. For the code at the bottom to work, select Baron Samedi. Now, you can have four differernt customizaed players at once! 8002B19F 00xx Create your own characters! 8002B19D 00xx The top code will be the head of the character in customization. The bottom code will be the body the character. For an example, ??'s head will be on ??'s body. There may be more heads and bodies, but this is a big list. Some of the heads or bodies may make the character extra tiny, or the game might freeze. To be this character, you must select Bond. Only two drawbacks though. You can't be Bond and you can't have two different customized players. For the top code, replace xx with: Caution: Some are extra tiny or might freeze! 0 - 49, 0A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A 0B, 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B 0C, 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D 0E, 1E, 2E, 3E, 4E 0F, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F For the bottom code, replace XX with: 00 Jungle Enemy Suit 01 St. Petersburg Guard Suit 02 Enemy Soldier Suit 03 Enemy Infantry Suit 04 Janus Special Forces Suit 05 Tuxedo 11 Janus Marine 12 Russian Commandant 13 Mishkin's Threads 14 Naval Officer's suit 15 Siberian Commando 16 Bond's Infiltration suit 17 Grey Tuxedo 18 Bond's Jungle outfit 19 Bond's Siberian coat 20 Civilian outfit 21 Blue shirt under blue vest 22 Flannel 23 Scientist 25 2nd Siberian Guard in character select menu 26 Arctic Commando 27 Moonraker Elite 28 Small Moonraker Elite 29 Strange-looking Arm 1A Dress 1B Nurse 1C Scientist 1D Another Dress 1E Normal clothes 1F Dark blue vest with shirt A002B253 003C Noob Saibot in Multi-Player (Choose Scientist 2) A002B251 0016 A002BI9B 000E Captain Picard in Multi-Player (Choose Bond) A002B19D 0020 8002A8F7 0036 Kill Natalya in End Game Sequence 80030980 FFFF Play from start, choose any level, have all guns and infinite ammo cheats on. You have to hurt bond with a explosive to get screen to normal.

Single-Player Codes

Dam Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800D33ED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880D33ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800D33F5 0050 2 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880D33F5 0000

Facility Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800B67ED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880B67ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 800B67F5 0050 880B67F5 0000

Runway, Surface A & Depot Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800D97ED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880D97ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800D97F5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880D97F5 0000

Bunker A, Bunker B & Silo Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800B3FED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880B3FED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800B3FF5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880B3FF5 0000

Frigate Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800C6BED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880C6BED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800C6BF5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880C6BF5 0000

Surface B Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800E5FED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880E5FED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800E5FF5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880E5FF5 0000

Statue Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800C57ED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880C57ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800C57F5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880C57F5 0000

Archives, Cavern, Cradle & Eqyptian Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800CCFED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880CCFED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800CCFF5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880CCFF5 0000

Streets Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800D6FED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880D6FED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800D6FF5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880D6FF5 0000

Train, Jungle & Control Center Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800C07ED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880C07ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800C07F5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880C07F5 0000

Aztec Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800B03ED 0050 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) 880B03ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800B03F5 0050 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) 880B03F5 0000

Multi-Player Codes

Temple, Complex, Library, Basement & Stack Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800A77ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880A77ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800A77F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880A77F5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800AA26D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880AA26D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800AA275 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880AA275 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800ACCED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880ACCED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800ACCF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880ACCF5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800AF76D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880AF76D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800AF775 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880AF775 0000

Caves Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800D97ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880D97ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800D97F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880D97F5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800DC26D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880DC26D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800DC275 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880DC275 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800DECED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880DECED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800DECF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880DECF5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800E176D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880E176D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800E1775 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880E1775 0000

Facility Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800C7FED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880C7FED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800C7FF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880C7FF5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800CAA6D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880CAA6D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800CAA75 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880CAA75 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800CD4ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880CD4ED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800CD4F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880CD4F5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800CFF6D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880CFF6D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800CFF75 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880CFF75 0000

Bunker Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800B8FED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880B8FED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800B8FF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880B8FF5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800BBA6D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880BBA6D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800BBA75 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880BBA75 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800BE4ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880BE4ED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800BE4F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880BE4F5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800C0F6D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880C0F6D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800C0F75 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880C0F75 0000

Archives Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800CCFED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880CCFED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800CCFF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880CCFF5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800CFA6D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880CFA6D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800CFA75 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880CFA75 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800D24ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880D24ED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800D24F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880D24F5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800D4F6D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880D4F6D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800D4F75 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880D4F75 0000

Caverns Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800C57ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880C57ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800C57F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880C57F5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800C826D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880C826D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800C8275 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880C8275 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800CACED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880CACED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800CACF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880CACF5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800CD76D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880CD76D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800CD775 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880CD775 0000

Egyptian Level Codes

D0064F31 0030 800F27ED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P1 880F27ED 0000 D0064F31 0030 800F27F5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P1 880F27F5 0000 D0064F37 0030 800F526D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P2 880F526D 0000 D0064F37 0030 800F5275 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P2 880F5275 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800F7CED 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P3 880F7CED 0000 D0064F3D 0030 800F7CF5 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P3 880F7CF5 0000 D0064F43 0030 800FA76D 0030 No Clipping (X-Coordinate) P4 880FA76D 0000 D0064F43 0030 800FA775 0030 No Clipping (Z-Coordinate) P4 880FA775 0000 800211DF 0001 Distortion, 2D characters 800214DF FFFF Graffitti 80021666 FFFF See-through 80021007 FFFF Ultra Graphics Mess Up 8002188E FFFF Ultra Graphics Mess Up 2 8002138A FFFF Ultra Graphics Mess Up 3 8002128F FFFF Ultra Graphics Mess Up 4 8002118A FFFF Rare Logo 80069653 0001 All Guns 8006965A 0001 Bond Invisible 8006965C 0001 DK Mode 8006966C 0001 Enemy Rockets 8006966A 0001 Fast Animation 8006965B 0001 Infinite Ammo 80069652 0001 Invincible 80069657 0001 Line Mode 80069667 0001 No Radar (Multi) 8006965F 0001 Paintball Mode 8006966B 0001 Slow Animation 8006965E 0001 Tiny Bond 80069668 0001 Turbo Mode 8006966E 0001 2X Grenade L. 80069671 0001 2X Hunting Knife 80069672 0001 2X Laser 8006966F 0001 2X RC-P90 8006966D 0001 2X Rocket L. 80069670 0001 2X Thowing Knife 80069665 0001 Gold PP7 80069663 0001 Golden Gun 80069662 0001 Laser 80069661 0001 Magnum 80069664 0001 Silver PP7 800696A4 0001 Max Ammo 80069659 0001 2X Armor 80069660 0001 10X Health 8002114F 0001 Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 1 8002114B 0001 Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 2 8002114D 0001 Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 3 8002114C 0001 Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 4 8002118B FFFF Madness in DAM 8002B197 0040 More Multiplayer Characters (same as the real code) 8002114E 0001 Red Enemys 8002114F FFFF Infered Preditor Mode 800218DF 0001 Broken Glass Mode 800211BF 0001 Messed Up Enemys 800210F5 00F6 Invisible Charactors 800212dF 0001 Holes in the Wall Mode 80030B20 0030 8002CE44 0030 8002CE40 0030 80030B1C 0030 Invincibility, Bullet Proof Bond, Weak Enemies, and alot more ammo with no cheats on! 8002CE48 0048 80030B28 0042 800D414C 0007 800B754C 0007 800DA54C 0007 800B4D4C 0007 800C794C 0007 800E6D4C 0007 Have All Guns with no cheat on 007 800C654C 0007 800CDD4C 0007 800D7D4C 0007 800C154C 0007 800B114C 0007 A002B19F 00xx Extra Tiny Code If you think OddJob is small, think again. This cheat will make you small as a flee. You can be any character but Oddjob is the smallest. You must pick Bond in the Character Select Menu if you want to be Extra Tiny. xx= 00 Jungle Commando 01 Grey Tuxedo Bond 02 Russian Soldier 03 Russian Infantry 04 Janus Special Forces 06 Boris 07 Ouromov 08 Trevelyan 09 Trevelyan 0A Valentin 0B Xenia 0C Baron Samedi 0D Jaws 0E Mayday 0F Oddjob (the best) 10 Natalya 11 Janus Marine 12 Russian Commandant 13 Mishkin 14 Naval Officer 15 Siberian Special Forces 16 Bunker Enemy 17 Tuxedo Bond 18 No Head Bond 19 Siberian 23 Scientist Bond 24 Helicopter Pilot 25 Siberian Guard 26 Artic Commando 27 Moonraker Elite 28 Moonraker Elite 29 Only Arm A002B19B 00xx Player Select Picture Modifier This does not let you play as them, you can only view them in the character select screen xx= 00 Pierce Brosnan 01 Roger Moore 02 Timothy Dalton 04 Boris 05 Orumov 06 Trevelyan 07 Valentin 08 Xenia 09 Natalya 10 Mission Select Pic 11 Mission Select Pic 12 Mission Select Pic 13 Mission Select Pic 0A Baron Samedi 0B Jaws 0C Mayday 0D Odd Job 0E Question Mark Head 0F Mishkin 8002A8F6 0014 No Doors, No Enemies, Screen map is not on, No GoldenEye key, No camras, no tables, no boxes, no computers, wrong starting point, and no ending point in bunker. (If you try to quit the level, it just goes black) 800213BA 0006 Wall Designs 8102143C 3FF0 Gold Mode (everything shiny and gold) 8102144E 0000 8002115B FFFF Red Enemies and Red Bond 800210B5 00F6 Nintendo Sign Blows up with color 800214F2 000C Smeared Graphics Mode 8002138B FFFF Really Smeared Graphics Mode 800210AF FFFF Less Detail (Cool Rare logo) 810D57DE FF64 Hologram Watch A102B19C 00xx More Battle Outfits xx= 29 No outfit (invisible body) 18 Jungle outfit 16 Bunker outfit 01 Tux 23 Labcoat 19 Siberian outfit 00 Jungle enemy outfit 01 Gray suit 02 Russian soldier outfit 03 Russian infantry outfit 04 Janus special forces outfit 11 Janus marine 12 Russian comandant outfit 13 Mishkin's threads 14 Naval officer 25 Siberian guard outfit 26 Artic commando outfit 27 Moonraker elite 28 Smmal moonraker elite outfit 15 Siberian special forces outfit 24 Helicopter pilot outfit 1A Civilian girl (dark blue) outfit 1B Girl 2 (white) 1C Girl 3 (grey and white) 1D Girl 4 (green) 1E Man 1 (grey) 1F Man 2 (grey and white) 20 Man 3 (red) 22 Man 4 (blue) 800xxxD4 FFFF Use the N64 Controller as a Weapon xxx= D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, Surface, Depot B43 Bunker 1, Silo C6F Frigate E63 Surface 2 B43 Bunker 2 C5B Statue CD3 Archive, Caverns, Cradle, Egyptian D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle, Control B07 Aztec 8002B19D 00xx Bond's Head on Other Bodies 8002B1A9 00xx Natalya's Head on Other Bodies xx= 18 Pimp Blue 19 Civilian 20 Snowsuit 1A Cheerleader 1B Fat Woman 28 Woman Moonranker Suit 29 Strange Arm

Multiplayer Codes

8002B537 000B Play Egyptian Level w/ 4 Players 8002B537 000A Play Caverns Level w/ 4 Players 8002B537 0009 Play Archives Level w/ 4 Players 8002B537 0008 Play Bunker Level w/ 4 Players 85307546 5430 Ugly Bond 880C8784 0001 Play the Full Facility (note) 880C5F84 0001 Play the Full Caverens (note) 880CD784 0001 Play the Full Archives (note) Note: To do this player 1 and only player 1 has to go to any of the locked door in the level. Press the GS button and you can go through the whole level. This may freeze the game but it's worth it. (don't use 3 or 4 player because it will freeze A LOT.)

Destroy Almost EVERYTHING Codes

800D3B84 0001 Dam 800B6F84 0001 Facility 800D9F84 0001 Runway, Surface, Depot 800B4784 0001 Bunker 1, Silo, Bunker 2 800C7384 0001 Frigate 800E6784 0001 Surface 2 800C5F84 0001 Statue 800CD784 0001 Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egyptian 800B0B84 0001 Aztec 800696A1-0001 More Characters for Multiplayer * First, make sure you have at least one cheat enabled already. Enter 800696A1-0001 as your code, and start the game up. Okay, now pay attention; go to the cheats folder, exit the folder, go to the level select folder, and select the dam. Press Start and abort the mission promptly. Go into multiplayer, and you'll have more guys to choose from! Note: When you put in the codes below, they will appear as "No Name" codes in your Cheat Menu Options. Activate them and start a mission. The game will beep. Go back to the Cheat Menu Options. Now you will have a new cheat that will stay there without the GameShark. The "No Name" code will disappear and the new cheat will remain when you start the game without the Game Shark. The base code to use is 800696xx 0001 xx= 73 Paintball Mode 74 Invincible 75 DK Mode 76 2X Grenade Launcher 77 2X Rocket Launcher 78 Turbo Mode 79 No Radar 7A Tiny Bond 7B 2X Throwing Knives 7C Fast Animation 7D Bond Invisible 7E Enemy Rockets 7F Slow Animation 82 Infinite Ammo 83 2X RC-P90s 86 All Guns 80 Silver PP7 84 Gold PP7 81 2X Hunting Knives 85 2X Laser 80069669 0001 Debug Mode 800xxxB9 00F7 Silver Hand 800xxx33 0001 Earthquake Mode xxx= D37 Dam B6B Facility D9B Runway, Surface #1 & Depot B43 Bunker #1, Bunker #2 & Silo C6F Frigate E63 Surface #2 C5B Statue Park CD3 Archives, Caverns, Cradle & Egyptian Temple D73 Streets C0B Train, Jungle & Control B07 Aztec Complex This code gives you all the levels, (including the secret ones) all of the in game cheats, and the special 007 mode. 8006992E FFFF + 8006992F FFFF + 80069930 FFFF + 80069965 FFFF + 80069967 FFFF + 8006996A FFFF + 8006996C FFFF + 8006996F FFFF + 80069971 FFFF + 80069974 FFFF + 80069976 FFFF + 80069979 FFFF + 8006997B FFFF Here's what you do, first, without using GS, fill up all the files, so that there isn't any open ones. Then DELETE THE 2ND FILE ONLY, turn off the N64. put in the GS, and turn on the code above, the second file shouldn't be empty, it should be named 007, if it isn't, look for another one named 007, if you don't find anything, go to the empty file, and play on the Dam, Agent mode would be the easiest. Beat that level, when the screen that shows your time and weapon of choice... hit the B button until you come to the place where you choose yer level, EVERY ONE SHOULD BE THERE, hit B again and check out yer cheats file, ALL 23 SHOULD BE THERE... When you pick your stage, you will see another difficulty level, 007, this is the level editor, you can change all kinds of stuff...

Working Codes, and still beat the level

8002CE44 0030 Bullet Proof Bond 80030B20 0030 8002CE40 0030 Enemy Can't Aim 80030B1C 0030 80030B28 0042 Extra Ammo 8002CE48 0048 Weak Enemies

Play Multiplayer with all weapons

Archives 800CDD4C 0007 P1 800D07CC 0007 P2 800D324C 0007 P3 800D6CCC 0007 P4 Caverns 800C664C 0007 P1 800C8FCC 0007 P2 800CBA4C 0007 P3 800CE4CC 0007 P4 Facility 800C8D4C 0007 P1 800CB7CC 0007 P2 800CE24C 0007 P3 800D0CCC 0007 P4 Bunker 800B9D4C 0007 P1 800BC7CC 0007 P2 800BF24C 0007 P3 800C1CCC 0007 P4 Temple, Complex, library, basement, stack. 800A864C 0007 P1 800AAFCC 0007 P2 800ADA4C 0007 P3 800B4CCC 0007 P4 Egyptian temple 800F364C 0007 P1 800F6FCC 0007 P2 800F8A4C 0007 P3 800FB4CC 0007 P4 8102B522 000x More players in Multiplayer Mode, but with only two controllers plugged in. (Max 4 players) Replace x with 2 2 players 3 3 players 4 4 players