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A Bug's Life

Level select Go to the ant hill from the main screen. Then, hold C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right + Z and press R. If you entered the code correctly, an arrow will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Invincibility When the level description appears at the start of a level, hold Z + R + L. *Note* The invincibility only lasts for the current level.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Lives 801E1A38 0009

Infinite Health 811E1A2C 0004

Max Grain 801E1A39 0032

All FLIK 801E1A3A 000F

All Enemies Killed 811E1A26 0000

All Levels Unlocked 81099150 000F

Always Have Super Jump 811E1A28 0020

Start with Blueberry 811E1A2E 0001

Start with Homing Berry 811E1A2E 0002

Start with Goldberry 811E1A2E 0003