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Missle buddy tip

If your missle buddies are destroyed, instead of waiting for them to come back you can put a gun buddy on it and when it's destroyed the missle buddy will come back.

Drive the Goliath tank

When you are the Goliath tank (the swiveling BIG tank) to get off the rail and drive it around, hold one direction with either C-Left or C-Right until it stops and cant move any more, then push and hold C-Down you will hear a grinding noise. then you will get a message telling you "Goliath Tank Off Rail" or something like that. then you can drive it around, get power up's and do other stuff like a regular tank.

Nuke tip

First enter the code LTSLTSGNGS so that you can pick any gang in the Campaign Mode. Choose the Nuclear Knights. At the beginning of each stage, drive a little ways in and toss your nuke in the general direction of your enemies or enemy base. Now retreat as far and as quickly as possible. The nuke will destroy pretty much everyone and everything on all but the largest levels, clearing out almost all of your opposition and revealing a tons of power-ups.

UFO warp

In the multiplayer Area 51 level there is a UFO. If you shoot the UFO you get this cool gyrating light show. In between the upper left and upper right corners is another UFO. If you blow both of them up and drive into the light show you can warp between the two points.

Better weapons

To get better weapons in multi-player collect 15 or more of a weapon and press A + B at the same time. You will fire a modified blast of the weapon you fire. This code doesn't work with grenades.

Losing tip

In Anihilation (Mode must be earned) start a two player game and have two computers enabled. You can be on whatever team, whatever clan, etc. Play the game normaly but have someone die very quickly (lose whole team) and the other person stay alive. When it says "LOSER" on your screen it should be still, not circling like usual. If you move your analog stick, you can either take a tour of the streets, follow the other player and be a lookout, or just watch the action as it develops!


FRHBWNTNTK Level 1 LHTTTBKRLS Level 2 RCJRWPCLGM Level 3 VVSLGGVHRF Level 4 LPFFLNHJJF Level 5 CTMGPRWGBH Level 6 HPJMKGMCJV Level 7 WHSNKNFRGS Level 8 CRFPHGCTKP Level 9 HHRBKPVWGB Level 10 WFHMKCFWLB Level 11 SPLJTFLRFS Level 12 LTSLTSGNGS All Gangs in Campaign Mode WMNRSMRTR The all-women Storm Ravens game, with laser and cloak power-up will be selectable. PLVRZM All Weapons FRGZ Frog Mode HVRL Hurl Mode MSTSRVV Invincibility CRSTLCLR Invisible Tanks CDPLT Run Story TDZ Toad Mode CNCTHRTM Trippy Mode LTSFBLLTS Unlimited Ammo LVFRVR Unlimited Lives
At the game setup screen, highlight the "Input Code" option, then press A and enter the password. WSMBCPVRWS Armageddon Highway TMFNJMKJGF Crimson Gate LHTSPMFRGS The Tunnel LPGCVBBJCF Heartland

Gun Buddy tip

First start a game on any mode or level. Next pick up a Gun Buddy. Now back into a indestructible wall and try to lay it. If it doesn't work back up more and try again. Once you've layed it turn around and all you can see of it is the two barrels on the front of the gun. Now when a opponent comes by it will shoot it even though it is behind the wall and the enemy can't shoot through the wall so the enemy can't destroy it.

Play as a Goliath Tanx

To play as a Goliath Tanx push C-Up. Next to de-rail it so that you can drive it where ever you want you must hold C-Down. This trick is very helpful because it works in any time that you have a Goliath tanx on your side. The only bad thing about it is that once you de-rail the tanx, you can't put it back on the track.