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Automobile Lamborghini

Reversed tracks:

Beat championship mode under the "Novice" and "Expert" difficulty levels.

Bonus cars:

Complete one of the following series on the indicated setting to enable the corresponding car.

Porsche 959:

Arcade Basic series (Novice)

Ferrari 512 TR:

Arcade Pro series (Novice)

Bugatti EB110 GT:

Normal Championship series (Novice)

Ferrari F-50:

Arcade Basic series (Expert)

Dodge Viper GTS:

Arcade Pro series (Expert)

McLaren F1:

Normal Championship series (Expert)

Game Shark Codes:

Infinite Time 800CE76F 0063

No Race Time 800CE76F 0000

100 Points 800CE743 0064

Point Modifier 800CE743 ????

Bonus Vehicles 800985C3 0001

800985C5 0001

800985C7 0001

800985CB 0001

800985CD 0001

800985CF 0001