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NES GG Codes : A

This list will be updated regularly. Not all the A games will be on today.
    Game: Addams Family
PEVGGALA   Start with 1 life-1st game only
TEVGGALA   Start with 6 lives-1st game only
PEVGGALE   Start with 9 lives-1st game only
GXSVAUVK   infinity lives
GXKKZSVK   infinity life?
GXEVLVVK   infinity ThingsTM
PEKGTAAA   start in tree
ZEKGTAAA   start in the crypt
LEKGTAAA   start in the hallway
AEKGTAAE   start in Fester'sTM room
PEKGTAAE   start in Pugsly'sTM room
ZEKGTAAE   start in the toy room
LEKGTAAE   start in Wednesday'sTM room
GEKGTAAE   start in the attic
YEKGTAAE   start in a secret room
AOKGTAAA   start in a secret room
POKGTAAA   start in a secret room
IOKGTAAE   start in bone room
PXKGTAAA   start in the freezer
ZXKGTAAA   start in the furnace
AXKGTAAA   Start in Gomez'sTM room

    Game: Adventure Island 2
PEXVAALA   2 lives
TEXVAALA   7 lives
PEXVAALE   10 lives
SXNLOKVK   infinity lives
SZUIGEVK   infinity energy
AENZTPAZ   reversible skateboard
ALKXAAAZ   faster running
AAKSEYZA   don't lose energy from hitting objects
GEXULGPA   higher jump

    Game: Adventure Island 3
PESZAALA   start with two lives
TESZAALA   start with 7 lives
PESZAALE   start with nine lives
SXNLISSE   infinity lives
GXUUGOSO   keep items after dying-after the 1st stage
VTVZZESE   start with two Red Taylors
VTVZIESE   start with two Blue Taylors
VTVXAESE   start with two Classies
VTVXLESE   start with two Don-Dons
VTVXTESE   start with two Poleys
VTNZPESE   start with two boomerangs
VTNZGESE   start with two axes
VTNZYESE   start with two invincibility crystals
SUESEXLN   mega-jumping Master Higgins
AAKXGTZA   get 99 lives if you pick up 100 fruit

    Game: Adventures in the Magical Kingdom
LAKUTGTA   "life" costs less
GAKUTGTE   "life" costs more
GAKUYKAA   "Freeze" costs less
YAKUYKAE   "Freeze" costs more
IASLAKZA   "invincible" costs less
GPSLAKZA   "Invincible costs more"
TASLPKGA   "life up" costs less
APSLPKGE   "life up" costs more
GXELLXSN + AAXUAXGY    All items for free
PEVEIALE   start with 9 lives
TEVEIALA   start with 6 lives
PEVEIALA   start with one life
SXKYUOVK   never lose a life in attractions
NYKULZKU   more "Freeze" time
AGKULZKL   less "Freeze" time
EYKVNKXN   mega-jump
SZSTGVVK   infinity candles
EGSUYXGL   more invincibility time