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Welcome to SNESman47's Nintendo Universe

Welcome to the Universe I am now excepting Fan Fiction for a new section, so if you have any, please send it in. I also need Pokemon info, so please send that in too. If you found anything useful or liked my page, please vote for this site in the top 500 video game websites. The link is below. If you have any comments or suggestions, please mail them to


Please take time to try the trivia, its still going! I have just started school again :( and I haven't been able to update because of all the reports and stuff. Expect more updates. Expect updates to be about 1-2 times bi-weekly. I have been working on the new code system, and I also haven't updated because of that. The new link page is up, so you don't have to see it all at the top. The trivia page is up with the trivia for the current month. That way, I will also have codes for new games. I need some Pokemon info or pics for my Pokémon section, so if you have anything, please send it to me with the link at the top of my page (whenever I put a link here, it screws up). I'm also working on two original things for my page. Don't expect one of them for a LONG time because it's probably going to be the only one and biggest of it's kind. I also have redesigned the "Other Sections of this Page" section to make it look better. If you have a moment to spare, also vote for me in the Top 500 video game websites.

This page was last updated on November 24, 1999 at 2:26 p.m. CDT.

11/3/99 I worked on the new code system and made a few new pages still in production


9/23/99 The Pokémon Main Page has been updated a little bit, and so has Chaz's Corner.Chaz's Corner will now be a bi-monthly themed site, because I hardly have any free time to update, but expect one or two updates every couple weeks.


9/1/99 Nothing much, but visit Chaz's Corner to hear about the new theme coming soon and to see the poll.


8/19/99 I updated Chaz's Corner and the Pokémon Main Page


8/8/99 I moved the links to a seperate links page at the Links Page I also updated Chaz's Corner, so check it out!


7/23/99 The trivia is up! I have gotten one response, and right now, their in first. There are know winners yet, so you could get 1-5 place in the trivia masters for this month. Visit the Trivia Main Page


7/22/99 The Pokémon Section has a couple new things on it.


7/21/99 Chaz's Corner has a new look, and it's expanded from jokes! It has been completely redone so check it out. It also has some Pokémon Pics on it.


7/20/99 I added color bar things in between the sections.


7/17/99 I made the Trivia Main Page


7/16/99 I added a Star Fox 64 pic to the Star Fox Page and I added a new award to the Award Site


7/14/99 I added the Pokémon Episode guide to the Pokémon Main Page


7/12/99 I made the Star Fox Section


7/7/99 I put a link to Chaz's Corner, and it will soon have jokes on it and added the Fan Fiction section.


7/6/99 I added the Game Boy Game List and the Virtual Boy Game List.


7/5/99 I added Upcoming Releases and the SNES Game List.


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General Nintendo Stuff

Nintendo MIDIs

Trivia Page

Fan Fiction

Upcoming Releases

Site Stuff


Chaz's Corner

Nintendo Pictures

Awards this Site has won

Game Sections

Star Fox Section

Pokémon Section

Game Lists

NES game list

N64 game list

SNES Game List

GB Game List

Virtual Boy Game List


Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes

More SMB Game Genie Codes

N64 game shark codes.

Game Shark codes2.

GAME GENIE CODES: (Hopefully by the end of the month I will have a letter such as A with all the games for NES and all the gg codes I have) Not finished, codes for NES games that start with A.


Some Codes and more Game Shark Codes.

Game Genie codes for Donkey Kong, DK3, and Donkey Kong Classics for the NES.

Pokemon Game Shark Codes.


A History of Nintendo

The History of Wario

The History of Mario

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